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    Yeah, I’ve had mine a year or two longer. It’s still so satisfying and amazing.
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    Hello, I have created a complete list of HX Effects here, and will maintain it for future versions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CzQInk8Q7ARot1-Hdfig1YT4tvtO_998N0vxcrDQESg/edit?usp=sharing Please let me know if corrections are needed. Thanks, Peter
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    I don't have tons of recording experience but I would think that you want studio monitors for mixing. Electronic instruments should have their own amps/speakers, no? If the purpose is for everyone to hear themselves while jamming live, then get PA speakers. Not sure what your intent exactly is.
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    Yeah, it`s become a very useful gig tool for me, without all the Flub`n`fart that stuff like the Mustang-IV and Vox VT120+ suffer --- Re the patches and programming I`m also finding that some of the amp models choose the least optimal cab ---------- I`m sure this thing was programmed by an Employee who was working off redundancy or something - there`s a superb amp in there which is being Slaughtered by horrendous presets and bad cab choices .......... Makes an excellent FRFR powered stereo cab too ..
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