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    To insert some kind of meta-data into the preset would be nice....like (in Windows) a right-click, properties. Much like any other media file type. This would especially be helpful when trying to remember which IR I used for that particular preset.
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    Which clearly was NOT happening before the update, or we'd have all been hearing the whining about inconsistent and/or diminished battery life for quite some time now... the update screwed the pooch. Period. Limiting charging capacity, and thereby the usefulness of every unit sold, to fix a battery overheating issue that affected a miniscule percentage of the total number of units in the wild is not a "fix". Replace the batteries with something else that doesn't overheat and leave everybody with the same performance that they used to have. THAT'S a fix. And instead of replacing entire systems, all they'd have to do is send everybody a new transmitter with the new battery, and leave the performance alone. I don't get it. Normally, I wait a while before doing any firmware updates, so I can see what the fallout is from the early adopters... so ultimately I blame myself. Had I just given it a few days, I'd still have the same product I purchased a year ago, so lesson learned. And I'll say it again... customer service was very nice to me, and replaced my unit, so credit where credit is due. But the new one's battery life is just barely any better than the old one. It's not a solution...
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    I personally would love the idea. I don't really care whether it's displayed on the Helix or not, but the ability to attach performance and freeform technical notes to a patch as part of the patch itself would be very useful. Probably moreso in HXEdit than on the Helix screen. I personally would use it to document what guitar it's designed for, maybe guitar settings, particulars about special tunings, or if I'm using a second path for something special such as an acoustic, even modification history. Having it on a pad wouldn't be nearly as useful in that regard as it's not connected directly to the patch. Seems like something very simple to add with a LOT of value.
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    I'm just curious, with all of this screen real estate, I thought it would be nice to have an area to put some notes about the patch. Like what kind of guitar, what distortion did you use, stereo mono, etc. whatever. Just to remind me/us about what some of the specifics are in specific patches. Just curious your thoughts. Have no idea how easy or hard it would be to implement. And I know it would use the same method patch naming directly on the Helix does. But I would assume it would be available in HX Edit also if it were implemented. Just curious about peoples thoughts on this. Worth it? Or a waste of the developers time?
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    A used SoftStep. Version 1 is good enough. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Keith-McMillen-SoftStep-V1-USB-MIDI-Guitar-Pedal-Controller-Foot-Switch/333572515028?hash=item4daa78a4d4:g:9lIAAOSwoTJekgnk
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    If Line 6 were a car manufacture and there happened to be a safety problem with (let's say) the transmission. They wouldn't remove a gear to fix the problem, decreasing the car's top speed, and then call it good. They would either replace the problematic part on the transmission or the whole transmission with a newer redesigned transmission. Decreasing a product's performance is not a proper fix. Especially when many of us bought it for what it was advertised to do. There needs to be a proper recall and/or refunds for those of us who purchased the product before this so-called fix was pushed out. I wouldn't be the person to start this, but the words class action lawsuit come to mind. I don't particularly like class actions because the lawyers are the only ones who win. But what other recourse do we as consumers have, other than voting with our $ and shopping elsewhere?
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    Yep, this is the cause: you are doubling the Path A signal with the dry guitar signal, which is also coming in via that Path B input.
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    FCB1010 and UNO_ControlCenter Editor. https://www.fcb1010.uno/ . Cheapest, most flexible and most programmable. Technophobes will say that it hard to program. That's why you get the UNO_ControlCenter Editor, pictured above. The pictured configuration is about the simplest, but with the UNO Chip (not necessary to use the editor), you can easily control 5 Stomps, change snapshots and recall presets. Works with standard MIDI DIN connectors. Computer connection only required for configuration - can also be configured manually, but I don't recommend it. In your price range there's nothing better. If you choose to go this way, I'll be happy to help with your configuration.
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    @isaactautari ..... I don't have my Helix in front of me but your input on Path B looks like there may be an issue. Not only is there an arrow indicating the signal is coming from Path A, but there is also a "guitar" indicating the guitar input is also being used. Not only is the guitar input being processed by path A on route to path B, it also going directly to Path B. IMO.... that creates a tricky parallel/series path, where what you really want is just a series path. Check the INPUT to Path B.... I'm pretty sure it should not have anything other than the Arrow. (disclaimer: As stated, I don't have my Helix in front of me.... I could be wrong. I'm just pretty sure that guitar should not be present on the input of path B)
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    Hi - joining this conversation late but wanted to contribute, I have been trying out many synths and integrating them within an HX Stomp and an HX Effects environment depending on the goals. I have a Meris Enzo for about a year now, the SY-1 for about 6 months and recently scored an SY-300 used. After trying the Source Audio C4 I opted against it because it was monophonic and I can get that out of the EHX Synth9 aside from Helix software blocks - so polyphony has been my goal. Also, I did not like how heavily the software was needed for what seemed like every possible edit. Just to be weird, I sometimes use a Digitech Ricochet with its glitch setting to defeat the poly sometimes - depending on the part I suppose. The EHX Super Ego is also something to keep in mind for creating synth pad textures too out of devices that do not have hold/freeze/sustain functions. Thoughts per pedal - EHX Synth9 - simple plug and play, not very deep but fun and covers mono in addition to an awesome poly setting, 3 note chords at max. I like the pedal but it is narrow and I found their Mel9 was a bit more interesting and radical of a tone box. Meris Enzo - amazing poly sounds and if you bypass the synth it is an amazing filter pedal. It has dual function knobs that leave you a bit in the dark when editing unless you figure out with Chrome/midi 3rd party editing software online to go to town with the presets. It gets annoying but the pedal is rather amazing. Number one downside I found was I could not easily dial in certain types of more aggressive attack/decay tones to play punchy lines versus more pad oriented tones. I have the Enzo, Ottobit and Hedra on a Nano Plus board, I use these less often at moment but have them ready to add on via extra board. Boss SY-1 - I actually love this pedal and do not mind the tweaking on the dials, you get amazing polyphonic sounds quickly and easily. Downside is that you have to make some sacrifices to get it to integrate. For the sequencer aspect, I bought a Disaster Area Micro Clock to sync the tempo on it to the Line 6 gear - no issues, does Boss' NC setting and midi clock simultaneously. I use a TRS cable from the SY-1 to a separate latching pedal to also still use the sound hold function. Sacrifice is no control over tone settings/changes in real time unless with your hands and you can not also plug in an EXP pedal with the way I have it all set up. Currently this pedal is on a Metro 24 in the HX Effects Loop and usually runs into a Roland JC stereo. Boss SY-300 - I needed more after playing around with the SY-1 - this thing is awesome and is probably the most in line with what I wanted sonically and how many options for routing or midi control. Negative is the size of it, would be better in the footprint size of a DD-500/MD-500 but it is worth making the leap in size for sake of function and flexibility. I was able to make it fit onto several different boards in the 22-24" x 12.5-14.5" range with an HX Effects/Stomp, 2x Dunlop Mini EXPs and some type of Midi controller like the Morningstar MC6 to steer traffic better due to limited button layouts on both the SY-300 and the Stomp. I recently paired this with my HX Stomp as I could shift some FX block usage between the 2 units and route cleanly into a Headrush FRFR speaker and this become a main go to rig for several weeks at this point. I have not tried the SY-1000 yet because I know I would need to spend $1K on it then another ~$300-400 for GK pickup and installation. I am trying to avoid that rabbit hole still! Overall, depending on what you want to sound like and how much space you want to dedicate I found the SY-1 to be a favorite for the simpler/basic needs and jamming factor. The SY-300 would be my choice if I needed to build in a proper set list and robust preset grouping. Also, the interface on pedal vs software for the SY-300 is in the same realm logically as the HX interfaces/software, not much of a learning curve luckily.
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    for high gain, I like the ANGL Meteor panned hard right, and mix it with most any other high gain amp panned hard left. Then I use an Ownhammer orange 4x12 and a 2x12 IR on either amp. (I stick to orange, because my real cab is an orange 2x12)... It sounds massive. The ANGL is just naturally darker than pretty much all the other high gain amps so it just sits in really well with just the defaults. Maybe some minor tweaks to suit ones taste. Boom! monstrous sound in like 5 minutes. (i do use a tube screamer and kinky boost in front for extra tightness as well) ..reverbs vary.
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    Did the pricetag for the Helix really go up by over 20% in Germany? It used to cost about 1298€ everywhere, now it is a whopping 1589€ :O I was waiting to buy one until I can buy a Variax (which are not available since 5 months)... See: https://www.thomann.de/de/line6_helix_guitar_processor.htm
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    So, still nothing regarding this? Can we finally get an answer from an official salesperson or anyone who knows what's the issue who isn't guessing? It's been 4 months now, and still nothing... :(
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    I managed to get mine updated too. Here's what I had to do after I installed the USB drivers & the Line 6 Updater: 1) download the HDX firmware file into the local Line6 updater location: C:\program files (x86)\Line 6\Line 6 Updater 2) turn my computer speakers on so I could hear the actual connection over USB being made. I was expecting to see something change on the HX Stomp display and that doesn't happen. 3) power the Stomp on holding down the right page arrow button. You will here the sound your computer makes when it finds new hardware. 3) run the Line 6 updater and tell it to run in offline mode. If you have a USB connection to the Stomp it will ask you if you are updating an HX Effects or an HX Stomp 4) pick the HX Stomp 5) click the browse button and you should see the hdx file, run it and enjoy.
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    For some weird reason I have pretty much stopped reading novels. These days when I buy any new hardware or software, I download the manual on my iPad, and use it for bedtime reading. Benefits: 1) I learn all kinds of weird sh*t about my equipment I would never have known, and 2) It works better than drugs for falling asleep quickly.
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    I'm with DD - I have some really different guitars and my presets are for a specific guitar so notes in the Helix would be great. I've tried a "code" in the preset name to identify the guitar and different setlists for diff guitars but I see a lot of use for notes vs having a Word file for different songs in progress, which is my current approach. And I hadn't thought of the block idea, but I love it! Ideascale?
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    You only need to have the txt info in HX Edit not on the actual unit as thats where its important to know when importing or "testing out" patches you download from others on the internet or ones you made youself.
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