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    Just noticed amongst all the grumbling about issues on here that not many folks are taking the time time to say thank you to Line 6 for all their efforts to continue developing their products under exceptional circumstances. It would have been easy for them to postpone 2.9 (or 2.9.1) with everything that's going on, but no, they choose to push it out to help us all during the strange times. Let's show some gratitude. Thank you Line6, from a grateful customer.
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    You need to update HX Edit... Seriously, folks... I’ve posted this reply about a dozen times in this thread. If you don’t see new effects or amps in HX Edit, it means you’re running an outdated version of HX Edit. It’s literally Step 1 of the instructions for updating.
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    Learned my lesson: don`t work 14h Hours straight an then do updates with tired mind and eyes. I was so sure that I downloaded Edit 2.9 but is was still 2.8 - sorry folks!
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    Ah, but your attention to my detail served a greater purpose! OP probably didn't really understand the WHY. You forced me to be more specific, a good thing in this case. It's all good!
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    The general way people have been doing this in the past is to simply use 3 snapshots which make the appropriate changes to the controls on the amp model or engage/disengage some sort of drive in front of the amp, or even engage/disengage a different amp model. Pretty straightforward stuff. Plenty of examples of this over on Jason Sadites YouTube channel for the Helix. As far as classic rock it really depends on what kind of classic rock you're talking about. Led Zep classic rock is very different from Queen classic rock, Rolling Stones classic rock or Doobie Bros classic rock each of which would use different amp models for the right sound.
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    The Command Center operates on a preset basis. You should not assign a looper function to an already assigned switch in the same preset, and once the looper function is assigned to a footswitch you should not assign another function to the same switch.
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    Yeah well - to quote Digital Igloo from the update instructions: Maybe the interwebs were too polite so far...
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    IF you have enough DSP (a limitation of both units) you can run two amps in parallel, combining the sounds and essentially creating a new amp. Or, you can put a delay on one path and a reverb on the other and vary the contribution of each to the signal independently, vs reverbing a delay or delaying a reverb. There's other applications, but again, this is advanced stuff that generations of electric guitarists have done without and, honestly, as a beginner, is more than you need to worry about. The difference in DSP is not major. The "flexibility" in the signal chain that you alluded to is not a big deal. On POD Go there are dedicated blocks - Wah, Volume, Amp, Speaker, Preset EQ. You get four user selectable blocks, but WHERE the blocks go in the chain is flexible. The Stomp allows you six blocks, but you'll most always need AT LEAST an Amp/Cab Block, so effectively, you have only one more user selectable block than on POD Go. Supposedly, in v3.0, Stomp will have eight blocks, but since the DSP remains the same, the usefulness of the additional two blocks is questionable. Another way to look at it - POD Go is like a traditional, linear pedal-board. Stomp has a couple of nice additional, but absolutely non-essential, features. Stomp is $150 more than POD Go, and you'll need an Expression pedal, and you'll want more buttons, and that might take you into MIDI land, and all of that adds to the cost of the Stomp. Future updates - Stomp will get more feature improvements, and won't (likely) be limited by DSP when it comes to new effects. It's rumored that Stomp MIGHT be getting Command Center, giving more flexibility to the buttons it doesn't have, and allowing better MIDI control of external devices. If you're planning on integrating with an analog pedal-board, get Stomp, it's smaller. If you just want to plug in and rock out, get POD Go. This could go on, but that pretty much covers the main points. I have a full sized Helix Floor and a Stomp. Had POD Go been available when I bought the stomp, I'd have bought the POD Go. Since part of my goal was to ELIMINATE analog pedal-boards, I'll probably trade the Stomp for a POD Go. YMMV.
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    I'm aware of the difference between DISCARD and RECALL. I've used RECALL in the past, and it most definitely is more convenient. I'm just looking for some reason why OP has a problem that I don't, and that's about the only thing I could think of. When OP's problem first came to my attention about a year ago, I was probably using RECALL to troubleshoot (since that person had a more complicated configuration), and I saw the same problem. I suppose I could test it, but since I don't normally use these kind of configurations, it's just not a high priority for me. If OP switches from RECALL to discard and that solves the problem, I'll accept that as proof. Or, if this #^$*%@ lock-down continues, I may test it to prevent death by boredom....:-)
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    POD Go has more buttons and an Expression pedal, but has less DSP, so a couple of effects aren't included. Also, no parallel processing. Based on your beginner status and related sketchy description of requirements, I'd go POD Go.
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    Yeah, and each time someone posts in this very thread here, it's going to look more prominent. But well, it was just an observation, nothing more, nothing less. Everybody I asked to really check the tap tempo thing had to admit it wasn't working correctly. Well, of course, you didn't - but apparently you also didn't feel like having to check carefully.
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    I can confirm the huge output meter delay (and lack of any metering for the compressors) on path 2 once the Helix is switched on for a while. Rebooting so far seems to to fix it, haven't measured when the symptoms start showing up.
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    Just FYI, I submitted a ticket on this as it's definitely a bug. Appears to be present in Helix Native too.
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    Yes, it did, and I had had some corrupted presets that were also fixed. I used Option 1 (foot switches 5 + 6). I works great now, loving 2.9! Thanks!
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    The gateway to success is this tiny circle with the ellipsis (...). Click it. Search the manual for "Using the Preset File Menu" to understand these options. Manuals for different versions will have different page #'s for the same text. Import/Export is simpler, and separate, but I'm not covering that here.
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    I see your Bored at Work and raise you Bored at Home with Impedances. EDIT 5/18/20: Corrected Input Impedance for Deranged Master. Helix 2.90 Amp Cabs Effects Impedance List.xlsx
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    Hi, i'm using my G10 for 3 years without any problem at all. Then I was in formed by Line6: Attention: Important Safety Notice, which you do not ignore. So without checking this forum (stupid me) I updated the transmitter and receiver to the new firmware, nothing fancy, update worked like a charm. But after plugging in the G10 nothing worked and the G10 seems to be bricked. I never respond to any forum, but just to let you fellow bricked (or not properly working G10's) users know and to let the Line 6 Experts know that there are a lot of users who do not reply on these kind of forums, because they already see the mass responses to the failure. I am one of those. What annoys me the most is that this would not have happened if we were not warned at all. Obviously you do not want to burn down your house, but you also do not want a useless product after an update. So to support the "complainers". LINE 6 please fix this a.s.a.p. And yes, I submitted a ticket (still waiting a response)
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    Did anyone try the solution that was offered previously: Most DAWs have something similar, on Windows as well as Mac. For example with both Cakewalk and Studio One, I refresh the plug-in inventory after installing a plug-in. It's not always necessary, but overall, saves me a lot of grief.
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    I'm also running MacOS 10.14.3 I was able to fix this by going to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy after running the driver installation and there was a prompt for me to allow the drivers. The next time I launched Monkey the drivers were marked as updated. I was then able to update the Firmware and Flash Memory (after a couple of failure messages saying my POD was disconnected, which wasn't the case).
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    I just want to add one more option to the table... If you try a Variax and don't like the neck, you might be able to replace it. I don't know about the 500 (original Variax) but the 300 and 600 necks can be swapped with a regular Tele or Strat neck. I believe this can also be done on the JTV, but not on the Standards. About 8 years ago I bought a 300 just to test the waters of a Variax. The sounds in the 300 are the same as the sounds in the 500, 600 and 700 - but the guitar itself is a much lower quality. I found a nice Fender Tele neck from the 80's, bolted it on and that changed everything.
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    I find the tap tempo light to work fine, always have.
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    That is absolute genius - how the hell did you come up with that? It must have taken seconds, but it was, as before, vague. It still doesn’t explain anything I didn’t already know, other than why you started a thread named “2.91?” as the “hot fix” patch was already available and online to download. That means it was an event that happened in the past, it was not forthcoming. A little bit like you are not forthcoming. If you were having issues with the firmware there were other threads already open so why start this one? If it was an attempt to be humorous, I must have missed that. I sincerely hope a sensible answer will be “forthcoming”, but I won’t hold my breath!
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