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    #coronagoals. I had set myself the goal to master all the parts in the epic final solo of Hotel California in my downtime during this crisis. I found out there are 11 parts!! (6 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 bass part, the organ part and of course programming drums). Well, it took a little longer than expected. I recorded all electric guitars and the bass using line 6 helix into an Apollo X8. I recorded the acoustic guitars with a stereo set of Neumann KM184s, finally I recorded the organ with a Roland RD-2000 and used the Luna Shape instrument to get the right tone, and I mixed everything in the new Universal Audio Luna DAW. I used a custom patch based on the tweed amp with a custom IR for all the electric guitars and I use the standard Cali 1 bass preset for the bass guitar. Here is the download link for the Helix Patch and the custom IR I created: https://www.dropbox.com/s/enyre15p7n6eu07/Dimed Tweed LesP.hlx?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q78oi5dro8ssx4k/50MU67edge-50Web121cap-100.wav?dl=0 Be sure to use the custom IR and save it in position 33 Love to hear your feedback! Very happy user. Here is my first full mix: https://youtu.be/iVOYkehL2Hw 50MU67edge-50Web121cap-100.wav Dimed Tweed LesP.hlx
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    Two completely different modeling technologies. AxeFx uses SPICE schematic modeling which might not be exactly accurate as the real amp even though all components in the schematic are drawn according to the schematic. Helix team measures each gain stage in a REAL AMP and get frequency response in each node of the REAL AMP they model, and only then model the behavior of each node digitally, thus creating an almost identical digital representation of the real amp they used. This behavior modeling includes all the knobs and complex relationships from input to speaker, (negative feedback. impedance curve, power and output transformers, etc..). If you think AxeFx is more accurate you are wrong. Helix amp models are fundamentally more accurate as explained above.
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    As long as those seeds are paid for with our own money for our own pleasures, I say water them babes... ; )
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    Axe Fx *can sound better. There are some amps coming out of this helix stomp, even using the built in cab block that are blowing my phuqin mind. Cali Texas 1/2, Cali IV, Revv Purple, Supro... The o n l y thing holding back helix in terms of tonal fidelity right now is IR length, and as far as I understand it that's strictly a horsepower constraint. Another thing is the guitar input impedance setting. I always thought that was some patented FAS wizardry, was surprised as hell to find it in the helix stomp. The difference between AFX3 and Helix? HELIX ACTUALLY WORKS. With a chorus block in front and it set on auto, you lose all the high end chime. Like you would expect plugging into a pedal. Turn input impedance to 1M and you get all the chime back, like plugging into an amp. AFX3 doesn't do a thing when you change it, it's supposed to be dependant on what block is first in the chain. It isn't. Half the time it doesn't do a thing. I thought it was just too subtle a change to notice the difference. LOL nope. Getting to hear it actuality work, it sounds exactly as you would expect it to sound. I can't wait till there is something worked out horsepower wise to handle hi-fidelity cabinet and power amp impedance interaction, then you'll be left with strictly UI differences...no contest. I haven't had this much fun playing guitar in years, way late to helix land but so far zero frustration, zero disappointment. Running into greyed-out effects from running out of DSP is legit causing creative inspiration to craft effect chains that compensate... if you take off the output comp you can fit a reverb, if you use two amps and one cab you can fit more effects, if one amp is just crystal clean you can use just preamp and fit more stuff, if you can't fit a chorus but you can fit a delay you can put it on parallel path and run it at micro second time to use the modulation in it. It's so much fun. Plus it doubles as a mini space heater.
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    No one was more surprised than me. My Floor is 4.5 years old, but there was never a hit to the knob that I'm aware of. As I mentioned, it was always a hard knob to turn, and when it finally broke I wasn't torquing it any harder than I had before. It broke with so little resistance that I was convinced the knob had somehow just slipped off the pot shaft.
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    I'm not really sure what you're after here. If you have Native, take a DI (unprocessed) track. Put Native on a third track and point the DI track at the Native track. You can then use the DI track to make as many different sounding Native tracks as you like. Recording Expression pedal MIDI, Preset and snapshot changes, etc will allow you to control the effects in Native just like the original track. For your final mix you can pick and choose, combine, add further processing, whatever, without changing your original recorded track or your DI track. EDIT: unless you're using a MAC and specific DAW (see the latest Native manual), preset changes don't work, but everything else MIDI does.
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    ASIO4ALL may be buggy but more importantly it is not an ASIO-compliant driver. It does not conform fully to the ASIO protocol. Most significantly it exists in part to overcome one of the more restrictive aspects of the protocol, namely the requirement that the same audio device be used as both the input and output device. ASIO4ALL does not impose that restriction, which is one reason it is not a fully compliant protocol. When audio interface devices (like Line 6 devices) are designed to be fully ASIO-compliant it's no surprise that issues emerge when used with ASIO4ALL.
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    Yet millions of folks can't hear the differences between a modeler's sound and the real thing these days. ; ) They've come a long way since the bean. And there are many other video's out there where people made a sound guess and "got it wrong". Moral of the story "for me" is, if it sounds good (no matter which Modeler your in love with) then that's good enough. Spank the plank!
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    I use a Strymon Ojai to power my Stomp. I’ve seen that Cioks video, and according to the Line 6 guys, the current draw does get up to 1600mA or so under certain conditions. The one thing with that Ciokd video is he was passing audio through the pedal at all when he meters it. I think the processor power consumption will increase slightly when the processor is working harder. But anyway, these modern power bricks can almost all provide mode current than the actual jack rating given you’re not exceeding the overall capacity of the brick.
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    Been in and out of the backcountry my whole life. After dark I've heard some weird $hit off in the distance over the years... sometimes not so distant. Never seen one, but Squatch is out there...;)
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    I'm using a Les Paul with a Duncan SH-5, and I don't have the IRs you're using, so this isn't a straight up comparison, but I think this particular snapshot sounds great. It's got more low end than I would usually go for, but that's just a personal preference. It sounds good and not muddy. I definitely don't think it's too bright, but that could be down to what you're shooting for with the tone and what you're monitoring on. I'm monitoring on a pair of Mackie CR3s - not a top shelf set of monitors, but they have been treating me well with setting up tones.
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    Couldn't have put it better! The differences are in the interface and the way you work as an individual.
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    If a sound wave is generated, it's a very real thing. Anything after that is hogwash fanboi marketing. Hook line and sinker. there is zero proof or real evidence to correspond that any of these devices are better than the other. I'd argue they'll find the mighty big foot first. 100001110101
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    Thanks!!! I'll do you one better. Here is the custom patch and custom IR I used: For the solos, I enabled a tube screamer, and for the telecaster parts, I added the script mod phaser pedal. For the reggae rhythm, I enabled the Wah pedal in a fixed position and for the supporting electric guitar lines, I added a little bit of chorus. Here is the download link for the Helix Patch and the custom IR I created: https://www.dropbox.com/s/enyre15p7n6eu07/Dimed Tweed LesP.hlx?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q78oi5dro8ssx4k/50MU67edge-50Web121cap-100.wav?dl=0 Be sure to use the custom IR and save it in position 33 Love to hear your feedback! 50MU67edge-50Web121cap-100.wav Dimed Tweed LesP.hlx
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    Here's the thing with battery life estimates... they're all a fantasy, period... and the device in question is almost irrelevant. The same way the mileage estimates that car manufacturers put on the sticker are a fantasy. Under optimal conditions, don't use the A/C, and only drive downhill with a constant 30mph tail wind... blah, blah, blah. Those estimates exist to make the product seem more impressive than it actually is... in a word, advertising. But real-world results and "best case scenario" estimates are never, ever the same thing. Life simply isn't that convenient. I never got the full 8 hours of use from my original unit even when it was brand new... and I didn't expect to, just going on experience. I got about 6.5 hrs, which probably dwindled to around 6 hours or so after a year of regular use. Enter the firmware "fix", and that 6hrs was cut in half, not capped at 80% capacity, as claimed. It's simple math...80% of the then-current 6 hour life should have given me 4.8 hours of use, give or take. The reality proved to be significantly less. Why, I have no idea. In the absence of any real info, I can only guess that it's because the 80% figure is a fantasy as well. And the fact that my replacement unit is behaving similarly, supports that assumption. It lasts slightly longer than the battery that has some miles on it, but I'm not even hitting the aforementioned 4.8 hrs, nevermind the new estimate of 6 hours. Now I've said it before, and I'll say it again... customer service was very nice to me, and replaced the thing no questions asked. However the replacement had already been saddled with the same handicap as the original unit... so it's not exactly what you'd call a "win". I understand that it was a liability issue...but a "fix" that hobbles every unit sold is not a fix. It's a cheap way to satisfy a bunch of lawyers.
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    This worked for me: 1. Do NOT plug in USB. 2. Install Line 6 Monkey, keep USB unplugged, do NOT install drivers or anything, reboot. 3. Install POD HD500X Edit, reboot. 4. Make sure Line 6 programs are closed. 5. Open Line 6 Monkey, and install drivers (see above "Allow" comment, if applicable), reboot. 6. Plug in USB. 7. Open Line 6 Monkey to ensure USB is recognized. 8. Open POD HD500X & begin receiving presets.
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    Oh, I'm not defending them...enough JTV owners have replaced them by now, it shouldn't be a surprise to them. It's generally a good idea to know who's buying your product(s), and for what purpose. As for effort, it died long ago...along with journalism, common sense, and critical thinking.
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    My JTV69 - Warmoth neck with abalone dots, Sperzel Tuner with pearloid buttons, new pickguard and lipstick PU's
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    I've changed my mind, you win. Warmoth sucks. I'm putting the stock neck back on, with its hilarious nut width and toothpick diameter string spacing.
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    Preference is a funny thing, and you like what you like...but the entire neck isn't a throw-away just because you didn't like the size of the frets. You'd be replacing them eventually anyway. And for those who are considering one, Warmoth offers 4 or 5 different sizes of fretwire, for which the precise dimensions are all supplied. Getting what you want isn't hard... As for the radius being unsuitable for anything but "junk" with heaps of distortion...frankly, it's absurd. I can manage heavy "junk", greasy blues, or country equally well.
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    It's on the back of the amp. It can't be filled in automatically, you need to type in the correct number.
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