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    A Helix, two towers, a Power cab, a subwoofer, a Variax, 2 Gibsons, 2 Teles, and a Gretsch. Might want to rethink your name there.
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    As the CoVid-19 lock downs are being lifted gradually and in stages, product will move again. No set time frame yet. Doing what we can, when we can.
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    Well, let's start with this. The way to think about modelers is not as what you would hear plugged into an amp. It's what you would hear with a miced amp in a studio on a speaker in the control room. So, plugging a Helix into the front of a guitar amp would be like plugging in your smart phone to listen to music through a guitar amp. It would not sound good. You want something that reproduces all frequencies as equally well as possible. This is commonly referred to as FRFR which stands for Full Range, Flat Response. Not that there aren't ways to do to use a regular guitar amp but that's a different rabbit hole. RE: a power amp. These days you don't need one if you don't want to use one. Keep in mind this is a term that is thrown around in several ways. A guitar amp usually has what's refered to as a power amp in it along with a preamp. And keep in mind, in the interest of expediency, I will be skipping over some things. It's kind of like a computer. There's always hundreds of ways to do even a simiple task. So it sounds like you plan on there being a strong possibility of using the amp instead of the PA for the room. I would recommend the powercab from Line 6 then. It will give you the best simulation of what you would hear just playing next to a guitar amp. Here's thie big one. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PwrCab212Pls--line-6-powercab-212-plus-active-guitar-speaker Otherwise you can get a powered FRFR PA speaker. This eliminates the need for a power amp. It's already integrated into the speaker unit. I'm guessing that's what you might want. Line 6 has a line of expensive ones that have all kinds of bells and whistles. This seems to be the one many guitar players get if they get one. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/line-6-stagesource-l2t-acoustic-guitar-amp--loudspeaker/h93010000000000 This one I would call your average powered speaker.It is just an example. Some like this one some do not. It was also supposedly designed for amp modellers. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/headrush-frfr-112-2000w-1x12-powered-speaker-cab/l19458000001000?rNtt=hedrush&index=1 There are so many, I couldn't begin to start recommending any one. FYI I've not tried any of the products I've mentioned. One thing to consider is whether you're planning using this just to monitor yourself or for essentially no PA, all of the sound coming from your amp. This plays into it as well. These are just a couple of thoughts on this. This is a big rabbit hole. There are many options. These are just a couple that I think could work in your situation.
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    You would record dry "raw" track from Helix LT into your DAW. You could monitor using wet from Helix LT (on a separate track, which you could also record at the same time if you want). Apply Native to the raw track later, as needed. So, you could match the preset, or use something different. Follow the manual for details on which USB tracks to use for wet and dry...
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    Not Line 6, but why what?
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    You can reduce the replacement expense if this should happen by using Helix Rack plus Control. Replacing the Control unit is about 1/4 the price of Helix Floor (in Canada).
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    I never told you this. How did you find out? Who have you been talking to?!?!
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    You could buy one really absurd Mercedes, or 3 Honda Civics... either way you'll still get to work (of course that assumes that there are any jobs left after the world is done ending, but I digress ;) ). But do you want really want to spend all your time maintaining 3 sets of tires, wiper blades, and brake pads, doing 3 oil changes, getting 3 annual inspections, and paying the state for the privilege of registering 3 vehicles, etc etc etc? Willful redundancy is not time well spent...
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    i changed the cable to another usb port, entered update mode (switches 11 & 12), stoped using the editor and instead update with line6 updater and worked
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    With larger Spider V amps you can connect an FBV 3 floorboard to control effects with footswitches and an expression pedal. Spider V 20 does not have FBV support.
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    Sorry about that. Shipping issues, new RoHS-3 standards implementation, tariff tiffs, and now CoVid-19 lock-down. Being that we're not considered essential infrastructure, we're doing what we can virtually. Doing what I can for you all by grabbing WiFi in the parking lot of a coffee shop 'round the corner. Hoping to be back in the building, working as soon as it is safe.
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    I have it on good authority that there is, IN FACT, an ATOMIC WEDGIE AMP in the works. It's modeled on the highly sought after 5 watt Gorilla amp.
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    Gotta admit, if there's not a forthcoming amp model called "atomic wedgie" I'm gonna be a little disappointed.
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    Hi all, I have a DT25 head that i recently connected up to my recording interface via the XLR direct out. It was super easy to setup to play/record silently (with the standby switched to off), however i was super bummed to find that the effects i have in the loop are not part of the DT's signal in this configuration. I searched this forum and found a bit of info regarding the reason behind this, but hoped that someone had a work around that would allow me to hear pedals in the DT's loop via the direct out. I assume an attenuator would solve the problem, but id like to avoid spending the money if i can. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    You think if you synced the temp to what you're playing, they would have been smart enough to have it SNAP to the closest beat measure... and have a setting to switch it from 1/16, 1/8, or 1/4... This makes it INCREDIBLY easy to just play and hit kinda close, but have it cut a perfect 4/4 loop for example... WHY?? don't people take the time to make products that are capable of doing more. I can NOT be the only person to have ever thought of this.
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    And you obviously didn’t read my reply correctly - the preset thing - that’s not my philosophy, as I pointed out it’s a quote from Digital Igloo (Eric Klein Chief Product Design Architect at Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. / Line 6 / Ampeg). You loaded the Factory Presets, but you would like someone else to tell you what’s new? Uh! Look up what was there previously and compare. Tell you what - I’ll make it real easy - follow this link and scroll down to find lists of everything that ever was a factory preset and which changed from update to update. Now that should be real simple and as noted “all presets suck”. https://benvesco.com/store/line-6-helix/ You really don’t get it.
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