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    Try this one: Not sure if I am much help :-) but if it were my own I'd probably remove it completely e.g. with a rubber from office supplies
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    It’s screen printed, not a decal. Your Helix has just been relic’ed... Some people pay good money for that sort of thing.
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    Here's another one. A snapshot is like when you convince your singer to get down and twist the knobs on your delay and chorus during the solo. A preset is like when you have the roadies completely swap out your amp and pedals between songs.
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    Great to hear you got it working borlock! I'm attaching the 3.1 driver here for those who have this USB controller. Intel(R) USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft) PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A36D A36D USB WIN7 BETA2.3 UNSIGN.7z
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    Thanks @datacommando that did the trick :)
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    My up button did that too. I sprayed it with some contact cleaner and it was fix ( for now). You have to open up the unit to get at the switch. Will have to change the switch in the future.
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    Hi Guys, Hope maybe someone can help, as line 6 support arent. ive got a ticket in. Native constantly crashes reaper when i try to load it in, its doing it every time, its not coming up with the black line 6 native screen, just crashing before it gets too it. i had it as a demo, and it was fine at first, then wouldn't open and crashed reaper a few times, seemed hit and miss that it would work. read through the forums on here, the gear page etc, and found that some were of the opinion that it was an authentication issue and maybe went away when you purchased the full version. At first when i paid it ran great, i got my patches / IRs from my floor in no issues, love it. Then the next time i opened a session, back to crashing. im on windows 10, upto date with updates, service pack etc. any ideas ???? i dont want to have to get my money back, i love Helix. having done more research it seems that this is quite a common issue. im not trying it in any different Daws, if it doesn't work in reaper its no use to me.
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    Hey, I have good news! I found out how to fix it! So, My AMPLIFi 150 went out of warranty so I decided to open up the back and have a look. According to some of the stuff I read, the SD card with the firmware on it is the culprit for the problems, so I removed the retaining glue dob and then the card, booted the amp without the SD (It gets stuck in the process), Shut it down, then replaced the SD and booted it again. I haven't had any trouble for well over a year now. I love my Amplifi now and I use it all the time, I even perform with it now because I trust it. If your Amplifi is playing up and is out of warranty, open it up. Nothing to lose, right? There are 6 main screws on the back plate and I can't remember what's on the inside. I do remember that there is a white paint-like substance on the back of the back plate that sticks to everything, so wear gloves or be careful not to lean against it. The SD slot is in the centre of the mother board if I remember correctly and has a little bit of glue to hold the card in. Good luck! Riley.
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