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    I own a Mimiq and Helix. The Mimiq is fantastic, but the Double Take in Helix seems to be just about as good in my opinion. Definitely not worth using WITH the Helix rather than Double Take unless you need to free up DSP and still have a block to run the effects loop with. I use the Mimiq with my HD500x though. Both sound phasey in mono simply due to what they do. Both can sound like they "jump around" a little in mono. They both automatically change up the delay time which can shift the comb filtering audibly. I haven't used the Mimiq in a while, but I feel like it was a bit better at detecting transients to switch delay settings with, so it sounds a bit more natural. That said, teh difference is pretty minimal. If you use a stereo mix with in ears/headphones, your going to be very happy with either. I've boxed up the Mimiq and haven't looked back in this case. However, if you use mono monitoring, or have a stereo rig where the speakers are close to each other (effectively making it mono), I think Mimiq probably wins by a hair. If you already own one, cool. Do something fun with it. If not, I wouldn't bother purchasing it honestly.
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    Precisely. Personally, whenever I feel like looking for some IRs, I set up an amp sound that I know will be working, then scroll through some IRs (fwiw, it's a great idea to keep quite some adjacent IR slots free in the Helix as you can go through them by tapping on the +/- switches in pedal edit mode - I still have over 50 left as I really only use a handful or two, for live even just 3, and then there's a bunch stored "for observation" purposes), and once I find something I like enough, I just stop. I will then look how far I can take things without ever touching the IR again. I only ever do this these days whenever I really feel like having to "waste" some time. For plain patch construction, I always only use the tried and trusted IRs.
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    This is one of the most common mistakes people make with IRs. Just because there are all sorts of variations with the IRs, doesn't mean you need to experiment with all of them. Chances are what will most likely best fit your needs is right there in the Summary files. The others are there for completeness, but there's nothing saying you'll find anything better. I know I never have. I've purchased about 10 different OH packages over the years and I've never found much need to venture beyond the Summary files, and even then I generally know which ones will be more to my taste given the mic's being used. Of course some people just can't help themselves and find themselves drowning in IRs and getting confused. But to each their own.
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    Microsoft owns Skype now. They paid 8.5 billion for it so by golly they're gonna push it on ya. I think it installs itself as part of the Windows 10 install although the latest update seems to have made it more noticeable. I believe it comes preinstalled on a lot of Android devices too. https://www.reddit.com/r/skype/comments/ht5dl1/skype_just_installed_itself_on_my_windows_10_pc/ https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/disable-skype-on-startup/
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    They are on it. Should be fixed in the next firmware update.
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    I had an extra targus laptop backpack from work and it's the perfect size for the GO with plenty of room for cables, power and porn in the outside pocket. This one. https://www.staples.com/Targus-Groove-Laptop-Backpack-15-4/product_572957?cid=PS:GooglePLAs:572957&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=572957&KPID=572957&gclid=CjwKCAjwr7X4BRA4EiwAUXjbt2L4aNLrqsdDMKjxeQPzw1u0tAubOIOdgaWp3USEraPSAGvEn4vWJxoCPKYQAvD_BwE&akamai-feo=off
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    I have a padded DELL laptop bag which is perfect to carry and protect it, with loads of room in the compartments and pockets for Pod Go & PSU, guitar leads, bottle necks, capods, spare strings, and even my Line 6 G10 Relay.
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