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    Jim if you don't mind, I may be contacting you for some help down the road. For now, since I'm pretty happy with the presets I've created, I'll probably sit tight, especially after talking to the Line6 rep. I know I'm missing a few things but doesn't sound like anything extremely drastic or urgent. Thanks guys for all your input. Have a nice weekend.
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    I’m afraid OS updates are a fact of life with modern laptop computers, and early adopters of amp and effects modeling devices. Frankly I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to update and retain the value of my digital investment that would otherwise be obsolete long before it has reached it useful life. Re: Windows and MacOS, generally MacOS is easier, faster and more reliable to update. But not if you’re crossing the 32 to 64 bit threshold. You can probably updated a 2013 MacBook Air to the latest OS, but you will probably have to loose all your current 32bit applications. That may or may not be a problem. It’s the price of modernization. I think its worth the effort.
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    Hopefully, lesson one will be, “How to install firmware updates without tantrums and tears”. Super Special Edition - “How to install FW Version 3.0“
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    Why not just produce a manual or tutorial for the app explaining its functionality, features and the parameters? I just got a Spider V 20 and the Spider Remote app and I'm spending more time trying to figure out its features than I am playing.
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