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    Yes. Enable dual tone. In the mixer view set Tone A to Line1 and Tone B to Line2 and configure your sends. Then insert 2 tracks in Cubase and configure to capture the appropriate sends.
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    Thanks datacommando, i'm fretting right now and sorting out presets.
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    I too have the DT770 Pro 250 Ohm version. I have not encountered any issues with insufficient level from my Helix Floor, Helix Stomp, Dell XPS15 Laptop, nor stereo systems. Come to think of it, though I've never used them with any of my Focusrite Interfaces. YMMV. I have found that the the Beyer DT770Pro are position sensitive as to how I have the cans positioned on my ears. A very slight shift forward or aft, alters the way I hear the high end. I have not encountered this phenomena of any of the other brands of headphones I have.
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    As has already been mentioned, unless you try them all you'll never know for sure what sounds best in YOUR opinion. That said, having tried the FRFR112 (probably the same box re-branded as the HB), I'm quite happy with the PC112+. Having used it with IRs in the Helix and in the PC112+, I like having all the options open, and the options which will open up in future upgrades that the standard Powercab WON'T be getting. Like more speaker simulations. If you can afford it, don't cheap out on the standard Powwercab.
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    I only have the 250, but the difference between the two when playing through a Helix is pretty straight forward. Your headphone knob will just be turned a little higher with the 250 version compared to the 80. If you run out of space on quiet patches, you just up the output block a little. Sound quality is identical in this case. My Stereo can drive the 250s pretty well. If I was just listening through a laptop, I'd definitely go for the 80s.
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    No - it has to be in your opinion. This has to be your decision. Opinions are like a$$holes - everybody has one!
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    Here’s mine just want to swap out the Ibanez for a nano Russian big muff and want to get a wiretap or the new ditto plus as a way to save ideas. I’m playing mostly in the bedroom these days so liking to headphone amp and using the B7K model as my “amp”
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    That's a great idea man. I think I'll see about doing that
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    Hey guys, I have a video up demonstrating I tone I developed using Ownhammer Impulses. Hope it can help someone.
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    The Helix app (running on Mac OSX El Cap) consistently freezes and shows either "Helix device not connected" or "service is not online"
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