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    LOL!!! No it is not cancelled. It's a major update that is on the horizon. It's next, be patient :)
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    For now there is just a work around as already mentioned.... But I am pretty sure I saw this on the feature list for the next firmware update (Ver 3)... it was one of the very few things let out of the bag about V3. I hope I am not mistaken, or been duped :)
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    Yes, ideascale. Will do. Just was wondering if there was anyone out there interested in the same. At least I found two that aren't. ;-) Thanks for the info!
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    Both the IR block and the output blocks offer way more than sufficient volume boosts to produce a healthy output. Add to this that you can always add a gain block or whatever. All FX blocks have additional output volume leveling, too.
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    I'm using the setup you described - DVP4 and momentary switch. It works well. Here is my configuration: - DVP4 internal tip/ring switch to ring. - Insert cable (TRS to 2 TS) tip side to momentary switch, ring side to DVP4. - HXS EXP/FS Tip -> FS - HXS EXP/FS Ring -> EXP - HXS Ring Polarity -> invert
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    High gain amps typically do not clean up very well when lowering the volume of the guitar, the best amps to go from distorted to clean in response to volume changes are instead the mid gain ones, like the Marshall JTM-45 or the Plexi, or others in the same category. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
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    I have the same problem. Toneport UX1, MacBook Pro 2012, Catalina. Logic will play for a few seconds then start skipping repeatedly. Looks like I'm getting a new interface...
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