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    I'd think the Super Reverb is closer to a Deluxe Reverb - the twin has much more clean headroom. And that amp overdrive would be where the sustain comes from. I've noticed Derek is a very traditional player - he rides his volume constantly. So I'd say he's the variety that drives his amps pretty much max (give or take what he would want as max overdrive) and then drops the volume back on the guitar. When he is soaring at the peak of the solo I'd say he's pretty much wide open - and definitely well and truly into amp overdrive. He just sounds cleaner because he's backing off the volume a lot of the time. Watch him on video for constant volume knob fiddling.
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    Hi all, This is more of a heads up, as I have a resolution (of sorts) to my issue. Like many, I made the jump recently from F/W 2.92 to 3.00. I'm not normally an early adopter but recent firmware updates had gone well and so I deviced to have a leap of faith. The update itself went without hitch, but I soon ran into issues whilst using a 1SW Looper (the problem may also relate to the 6SW, etc., but I've not tested). As a relative newbie to playing guitar, my setup is incredibly simple, so nothing I'm doing is likely to be taxing the HX Effects unit too heavily. In fact, in this paticular case my setup simply included a Bass Octaver, Analog Flanger, Minotaur, Plate Reverb, LA Studio Compressor and a single switch looper (all on a single path). My problem is that recording a 4 bar loop causes the HX effects to hang. I'm unable to end the loop and all switches and buttons cease to function; my only option being to power off the device. I thought it may be an issue carried over from previous settings, so I performed a factory reset. Initially, I restored (only) my Presets, but as the problem persisted, I conducted a second factory reset and setup the pedals fresh. No difference, the unit still hangs. I've managed to resolve my issue by reverting to 2.92 (which works perfectly), but this isn't ideal. I can't think what else to try at this stage and/or I'm not sure what additional information is needed to help troubleshoot. Anyway, as I said, this is more of a heads up (for others who may be suffering the same issue). If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Also, I'm happy to provide additional information and/or conduct tests if it will prove beneficial. Regards Jack.
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    How low is it? As noted above, you often want the average volume to be around -18dB in your DAW. This is "dB Full Scale" or dBFS. That correlates to around 0dB that you see on an analog VU Meter. (0dB = -20 dBFS). If you're too far below that, it means that your signal chain within the Helix is probably too low. You'll need to turn up the Channel volume on each. Or use a Gain block at the end of the signal. If you're close, I wouldn't worry about it. You'll only lose a little bit of signal to noise ratio, but guitar amps are already noisy. So just turn it up in your DAW with the clip gain or a gain plugin to compensate if needed.
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    I'm sure this is just a language barrier thing, but I have no idea what you're saying. Are you saying "Yes, that solves the problem"? OR "No, I'd like to be taller"?
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    "Getting close is good enough". What I mean is, we could all play thru Mr. Trucks current rig, and it wouldnt sound like him. Why? Because we don't have his hands and technique. That is part of the tone's unique to him. So getting close is good enough. ; )
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    1st post here so hello everyone. I also have HX Effects 3.01 and had exactly the same problem with the 1 switch looper. Note I've only used it twice, and had the problem both times - I didn't do any diagnostic work (using simpler patches etc) as I'm unlikely to use it anyway. The 6 switch appears to work perfectly though.
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    It's likely to also be the interaction between him, guitar and amp at high volume - a real amp in the room thing. I had a play with a 2 x amp arrangement using the deluxe vib, and the princess running drive and master flat out, taking some tops off, and bumping the bias up a little - ran that into a pair of DT25s, with an alt path to a dual cab arrangement of the 2x12 matchless H30 and the 2x12 Interstate cabs into monitors. Set the DT25s to about 1/4 master and cranked my monitors - the alt path was loud but didn't interact in the same way as the DT25 path and which was a bit more sensitive to picking touch and guitar volume. They remained clean until the guitar was fully opened up, and I hit hard, and they sustain a lot more than the monitors - but it's pretty loud. I found this illuminating https://happybluesman.com/how-sound-derek-trucks/ Even the Alessandro AZZ amp that Trucks currently plays is very similar to a Fender Super Reverb; it is just larger and more powerful. This gives the amp more headroom, which means that Trucks can crank it without the amp breaking up or distorting. This actually sets him aside from a lot of other blues guitarists, most of whom seek out amps that break up and overdrive at lower volumes. The main difference between these guitarists and Trucks, is that Trucks predominantly plays with a clean sound. And it is really this which dictates his choice of amp. He requires a certain volume and power to cut through the mix (there are 2 drummers and a horn section in The Tedeschi Trucks Band!) and he wants to be heard without his sound distorting.
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    3.01 does not fix it. I have the exact same issue with the 1sw looper on the HX Effects running 3.01
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    if you are using the Line 6 updater to do this, try downloading the latest version of HX Edit which is 3.0 and use that. See if it recognizess your unit in any way. I believe you answered all of these but just to be thorough, are you using a USB hub? If so, don't. Have you tried any other USB inputs on your computer or any other computer. Do you have a Mac and if so, have you updated to the latest OS? If you have, Line 6 are having issues with it (they are not the only ones). Here's some instructions on how to reset your unit. I would do a full on factory restore which requires restarting while holding two switches down, not just one as you did. Then see step 4. This is what you did. It says you will see a blank screen which is what you experience. Where you go from that blank screen, i couldn't tell you. My guess would be, despite the blank screen, hook it up to your computer again and try HX Edit 3.0 first to see if it will be recognized. HX Stomp 1. All 3 Footswitches clears all presets/IRs 2. FS1+2 resets presets and IRs 3. FS 2+3 does a factory restore (globals, presets, IRs) 4. Pressing and Holding down the "Page >" Button while powering up will put the HX Stomp into update mode. This update mode is helpful if the update is interrupted, and the HX Stomp will not boot properly. You will see a blank screen (no visual feedback on the display). 5. While holding both the Upper and Lower Knobs, turn on HX Stomp. Wait for "Will rebuild Presets..." to appear and let go. - This will rebuild presets manually. Being that you interupted the process by unplugging the power, you may need to send it into Line 6 to have them reset it somehow. This is a guess and something I know nothing about. Hope this helps in some way. Not sure that it will. check this thread out also.
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    Please we need this solved SOON! My TonePort kb37 is idle, I cannot do any recording
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    OK, found a fix. There's a bug with the folder permissions when it installs, but the app is actually there. 1. Do the install 2. Go to your Applications folder where there'll be a 'Line '6 folder with a no entry sign on it 3. Get Info on this folder (CMD-I) 4. On the bottom-right of the Info pop-up will be a little padlock. Click this and type in your Mac password 5. At the bottom of the pop-up, click the menu item under 'Privilege' for 'everyone'. It'll be set to 'No access' I think. Change to 'Read only' That's it. The app will now appear.
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    WHY do people have to be rude?! Sounds like a personal problem to me.
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    Your comments are like cancer. I don't understand why you waste your time being here if your words are just condescension and offer nothing to the conversation. It did not "Sink In" - I followed the steps recommended several times and it was not until a combination of all of the steps were completed in a particular order that the issue resolved. The engineer that I was speaking to in the end said this was a 1 in a million case where the outdated bios corrupted the initial windows install and there was no real way to tell because everything else was functioning perfectly. It was not until we did a full wipe, format, update bios, reinstall windows and then install the sound driver alone - IN THAT ORDER - that the issue resolved, and even that has not been a solution, it's been a work around. My goal is to help future users of both of these products to be able to avoid this issue, or at minimum fix it if they have it so they can use their machines to the best of their production capability, not some hack-me work around. It's not that I "cannot be happy with that" - it's that this is a multifaceted machine, being used for a multitude of tasks and software. Something you clearly don't understand because you "Just play guitar". I'm going to install each driver for the motherboard so that it works to the best of its ability and once I find the culprit, I'm going to report it to line6 and to ASUS for further testing so that they CAN support the device. A task, by the way, that they ASKED ME TO DO for the betterment of the community. Anyway, thanks everyone who provided a piece to the puzzle. I'm still testing now, and will report back with the culprit. Windows did update overnight to Win.1083 and I had no BSOD this morning.
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    The first thing I would do is update to the latest 3.01.0 firmware. You will still be using HX Edit 3.0 as HX Edit 3.01.0 does not exist. There were some non-specific bugfixes in this quickfix firmware release. Maybe they will resolve your issue.
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