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    Because there's nothing worse than when everything sags the same...;)
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    You can't save the cab DSP as it's DSP allocation is fixed. You can turn the cab off but that won't save DSP. However the DSP allocation is low for a cab model so you wouldn't save much anyway.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have experimented with the mics and positions, I know there are a lot of variables. I haven't used the tilt eq though so will have a look at that
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    I asked this question when I had my FAS Axe Ultra back in the day. On that unit all the 'sag' like controls defaulted to 5.0. Regardless of the model. Clearly there were different Sag feels between the amp types, so I concluded after getting 0 helpful responses to my question back then that the 5.0 Sag setting meant that at 5.0 the parameter is 'neutral' to how the amp was modeled. You could produced less/more sag by adjusting it, but 5.0 is equivalent to the tangible real world counterpart. Therefore turning the sag from 5.0 to 3.0/7.0 would produce different (but similar in effect) valued effects between amp models. I picture it just like the gain parameter. 5.0 on the gain knob is drastically different on the Princess (Princeton) amp vs. the Badonk Amp model. Can you get drastically different gained amps to sound similar, sure if you put one at 1.5 and one at 9.5 maybe...but like most things in the Helix.... use what sounds good.
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    Helix Floor and M-Audio EX-P I'm just posting this because this thread popped up when I was searching for the correct setting to get this going. I just got my M-Audio EX-P today (1/4/2021). It works great after doing the following two things (no modifications to EX-P required): 1) Switch on bottom of EX-P set to "other" 2) In Global settings on Helix, under EXP Pedals, set whichever expression pedal input you've plugged into, to Polarity=reversed It seems to work no matter where the knob on the side of the EX-P is set, up, down, or anywhere in-between. Of course you need to assign the pedal to control whichever device/parameter you wish it to control in the Helix. Normal Helix rules apply for max/min settings. Works like a champ! FWIW, I have not tried this on my HX Stomp... and I don't have an LT.
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    This Preset I made for a Vocal and Acoustic at the same time..... https://uk.line6.com/customtone/tone/4433419/ As there's no MIC Input on the LT, decided to try a MIC to LINE Adapter. I got this one - https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Audix-T50K-Impedance-Matching-Transformer/ST8?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=order-confirmation&utm_content=ord-line&utm_source=txn-email It works great .... I can plug my Dynamic Mic in via the RETURN 1 Input on the LT, made a patch with Dualpaths for Mic on Return 1 and Guitar on Return 2. With the Studio Preamp and some Compressors, and a bit of Gain boosting, I get a great clean Mic signal.
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    Deo33 ... Agreed that TOP I is very quiet compared to the others. I discovered that increasing the Gain doesn't grunge the Twin up too much so I ran the channel volume full out and set the gain up to 2-3+ o'clock to accomplish some better volume equilibrium. See if that might work for you at all? If you are using TOP 1 for clean tones against any of the other TOPs for grunge you will have to turn the Channel Vol down on the grunge's to equate. Just the way it is with this amp. That all being said, this is one great amp once you get your head around it imho. I ended up switching to one of the Brit models (sorry, don't have my HD500 in front of me but I think it is the P75) for clean tones. I prefer it over the Twin, plus it has more overall gain and matches better to the grungier tones for volume equality.
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    Yanitzch... Yes the audio output from TOP 1 (Fender Amp) is definitely lower than the others HOWEVER, I noticed that increasing the GAIN for TOP 1 does not significantly increase preamp distortion like it does with other amp models .... so, try having the GAIN up well past 1 o'clock and see if you get a better volume structure. It worked for me. I do like the Fender Amp models (primarily the Twin) and I run them with a significantly higher Gain setting than with other models to compensate for the relative gain differential. The sound is still very clean. What you can also try as an experiment for TOP 1, is to put the Gain all the way up full, lower the Channel Volume so you are not blasting yourself, play some strong chords (with guitar up full) and see if the sound is still clean enough for you, if not, back the Gain down a bit (raising the Channel Vol to compensate) until you find the sweet spot where the Gain setting is still providing the clean tone of a Fender Amp. When you're there, you will probably find the Gain to be past 1 0'clock somewhere which in some of the other amp models will definitely be adding grunge, but not with the Fender amp (or so I've found anyways). Then crank the channel volume up as much as you want (even full out) then the master volume to taste. Once there, ALL the other amp models need to be adjusted (usually via their channel volume) to roughly match that Fender Amp (TOP 1). Then you have a relative comparative gain stage for the other 3 presets. I usually run the Fender Gain very high, and the Fender Channel Volume full up for TOP 1 with Master Vol to taste. I also have a POD 500 and run it the same as described above for the Fender Amp Model into my DT25 via L6 Link. Give it a try, see what happens. Hope this helps you out a a bit?
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    CRAZY THIS IS. I sold my helix floor and was trying to sell my two powercabs until I got my axe fx 3. Im keeping my powercabs. they were not the problem. It was the Helix period!!!!!!!! Plugged in and found the Friedman BE and hit one chord and decided to keep the powercabs. No more fighting the frfr sound because its gone. It sounds and feels real! The presets are actually good. The amp modeling is way better period! the effects are way better period! the ability to customize the amps are light years beyond the helix. I mean, you can actually change the preamp and power amp tubes and a lot more. I can use poly effects and spillovers and set up a patch for a bass player and never worry about the cpu. with helix after picking out your dirty amp youre lucky if you can get the clean amp you realy want or overdrive etc. Especially with poly effects or not being able to use your 2nd path if you choose spillovers. in a recording on you tube you might get close tone wise but in person with you rig beside you........NO WAY!!!!!!! Its not gonna happen. i also have the fc-12 pedal board. yes it was expensive but if you picked one up you would see why. Its built better than the helix. its a TANK. YES THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. DONT TAKE IT FROM ME. ASK METTALICA, DEF LEPPARD OR STEVE VIA. these guys can afford anything they want but have chosen the Axe FX 3. Go to fractal and check out the artist page. Theres a reason the pros use the fractal unit. Notice the same guys on both sites. I promise they dont actually use helix anymore if they ever did. ITS SIMPLY TIME FOR LINE 6 TO PUT OUT A NEWER AND BETTER UNIT ESPECIALLY WITH THE QUAD CORTEX ON ITS WAY. WHICH BY THE WAY PETE THORN SEEMED TO LOVE IT BESIDES THE AMP MODELING AND THE FACT THAT NEURAL NEEDED IT BACK FOR REPAIRS. YOUCANT MAKE THIS UP. The FRACTAL FX III is the best and most powerful unit there is period. Has nothing to do with taste ot preference.......ITS JUST A FACT.......................AT LEAST FOR NOW.
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