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    Glad it finally worked out....welcome to 3.01!! Lol, damn technology
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    I believe this is the first time I've seen someone go to the trouble of resurrecting a 2 1/2 year old thread, solely for the purpose of $hitting on Line 6, lol... well done! ;)
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    Way late, but the answer is obviously no. Line 6 would need to do an update to add the Input "Mode" option to the 1L input as well. Good request to put into IdeaScale? I'd love to see this too, since the PC212+ is stereo, and I use Line 6 Link to connect to my helix. That leaves both XLR inputs open for other uses.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. It is appreciated. The following addresses your points: 1. There are only two things that normally connect to my computer; a printer (USB) and an audio interface (Thunderbolt). Both are disconnected. There is a small dialogue box that runs continuously in the background that is related to the interface (Apollo Twin Duo) which has been closed. "Force Quit" shows that no other apps are open during my attempts except sometimes Safari but not every time. Bluetooth has been turned off, which disables the only other peripheral, the MagicMouse. Being a MacBook the keyboard is built in so no USB device to disconnect or relocate there. 2. There are only 2 USB ports. Both are 2.0. One of them does seem to last longer than the other before disconnection occurs but they still both get tried. Counter to the instructions in the update warnings, the port furthest from the power cable is the one that lasts longer, not the closest one. My USB hub has been disconnected. Different cables from my collection get rotated periodically. 3. There is no USB3. 4. Every try gets another Helix reboot. The Mac has been rebooted several times as well. I tried to search all my previous support tickets to read what worked each timebut apparently only the two most recent ones are still on file here. I don't know what happened to the other two or three. One of the remaining ones is related to updating. That was for 2.82. In that one the solution was to remove previous drivers from the system using a pair of commands in Terminal. I tried the Terminal commands again. No help this time. The other ticket was for an anomaly where any time I touched the "amp" button on the Helix the unit would freeze and would have to be rebooted. Support was unable to help me with that issue but it disappeared after the 2.82. Some progress was made last night in the wee hours. The red progress bar went halfway across. I have an old Dell that has not been powered up in 7 or 8 years, which runs Vista. I suppose I could dig that out and try it.
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    Guitars - Line 6 JTV59P Variax and a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Classic FX - Line 6 HX FX in 4cm and native* Amp - Line 6 DT25 head and 2 x cabs * I use the HX FX as a midi controller when I play online for which I use Native in my DAW (Mainstage)
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    Since you are disgruntled that this is ALWAYS a problem.... then I suggest you look at your entire chain as a potential problem, not just the Helix. I see you have ruled out the "cable" as an issue... but I don't see mention of other important troubleshooting steps. Just because a printer prints.... that doesn't rule out other conflicts/issues. As a computer/IT tech.... I'll offer a couple suggestions that I don't see mentioned already. Remove all unnecessary peripherals from the computer.... this includes any printers, scanners, etc... Try connecting the Helix to a different USB port. There are reasons for this.... USB Ports are in pairs or groups within a computer... sort of like "internal hubs" for lack of a better description If you are on the same "group" as a slower device (keyboard, mouse) then the ports slow down to their speed... often USB 1. This would seriously hinder an update process. The point of disconnecting everything else and trying other ports is to find a "grouping" that isn't shared. Sometimes a USB2 device does not behave in USB3 (blue) ports. Try to find a dedicated USB2 (black) port if you have one. . If your only option is a 2nd USB2 port with a keyboard/mouse connected to the other.... try moving those to the USB3 port. Always start each process (attempt) with a fresh reboot... might not help, but never hurts! If it still doesn't work.... do you, or anyone you know have a PC you can try the update on? NO, you shouldn't have to.... but if your computer is the last "common denominator", you can't rule it out :) Good luck! Yet I've had my Helix nearly 3 years... and have never had a single problem updating it :) Something more is at play.... whether it's a faulty Helix, or a conflict at your system.
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    Had the same issue after 3.01 update and stumbled on the fix. May not work for you and don’t know why it worked for me. Go to the input block, the first dot on the signal path. Turn the bottom (physical) knob one click to the right, which will change the input to USB. Then, turn the knob one click to the left to change it back to the normal guitar input. After this, my sound came back. Had to do this to every preset and save each time. Sucked.
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    I'm not sure what hoops Line 6 is exactly making you jump through anymore. Everything is done with HX Edit now, but Line 6 Updater should still be working for you. The Fractal update process isn't really all that different as they have a separate update utility called Fractal Bot, which is analogous to Line 6 Updater. Usually update problems come down to specific USB cables or USB ports being problematic. I'm not sure why Updater isn't running for you. It should be. Try uninstalling stuff and reinstalling, I guess. When you say you checked to see if 3.0 was compatible, did you actually download and install HX Edit 3.0? Many people assume HX Edit updates itself automatically. It does not. You need to download and install the latest version.
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    I use my Pod GO almost exclusively for bass both 4 and 5 string.works great Yea, the internet if full of it sometimes. voltage is voltage....A bass could damage speakers in an open back cabinet if it is run to clipping...The low frequency can tear the motor apart...but inside a pedal...no, not really...it might overload it a little, but that is just overdriving a preamp inside preamp...If a bass guitar blows it up, then it wasn't very well designed to start with.
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    Of course. There are bass specific presets. they sound great and are Tonnes of fun
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    Maybe from a price point perspective if you compare and HD300/400 to a 500...PodGo is next generation compared to a 300/400 IMO. HD300 and HD400 had the old PRE/POST chain options and only certain FX could be loaded in certain slots. Scenes is the other thing HD doesn't have...The amp models and FX are better and the thing that has really impressed me about Helix that they brought to PodGo is that the amp defaults are actually usable...As most longtime HD users know, the defaults in HD are not so great and some models have bad DEP settings.
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    I'll post this because I hate it when people find solutions but never post what theirs was. I had, as far as i am aware, the exact same problem. What I did was i closed the license manager window and went to the "update line 6 monkey". I logged in and it said it was having trouble connecting to my device. so i used the button on the left side of the menu to connect to my device. It was having troubles finding devices and suggested I unplug and re-plug in the USB for my device (which I did) and tried again. After it detected all my devices, it managed to find the UX2 and i simply "ok'd" the selection. after that i went back to the license manager and it was able to see and authorize my product. I've yet to confirm that everything works, but i did get the authorization to complete after having your issue.
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    I actually had the 300 lbs drunk guy slip and land squarely on his back on my shortboard mk1 way back when I was using a Flextone IIIXL....He had two rows of dents in his leather jacket from the buttons...and he was in pretty severe pain after that...It sobered him up...luckily the Shortboard came out unscathed by that incident...
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    For live performances, it boils down to if you want a floor unit or a rack unit. Some people want the floor unit, but opt for the rack unit with foot controller because it is cheaper to replace a foot controller when a drunk pukes on it. While others have spent 35 years on stage and never had that happen. But for studio work, more people probably would lean towards the the rack unit because of the different jacks available. They really are the same units. With the exception of the physical differences - inputs/outputs, rack/floor. I started with the one floor unit, but have since bought more floor and rack units due to my work routine.
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    The sound is identical. However, if you gig a lot and prefer you tone in the backline the PRO makes a lot of sense...Also, less cables on the front of the stage, no bending over to tweak and shorter cable runs to your amp if it's in the backline...just depends on your preference...I use an HD Desktop for that reason...similar in that i can put it in the backline and just have one CAT5 running to the dumb footcontroller...and if beer gets spilled in it or a 300lbs drunk accidentally falls on it, my sound is safe in the backline.
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    There is no new HD unit. The 500x/Pro X are it. And based on comments made by L6 employees, they will be it for the HD line. When I say that they are 8 years old, it isn't that simple. The 500 and 500x are the same unit. Due to a supply issue, a minor internal change was needed. And because they had some complaints about the footswitches and had been testing footswitches for the then-unreleased units, they changed the footswitches. They had an inner change, and an outer change, so they added an X to the name and people thought "wow, new unit, must buy". So, the 500X may not be 8 years old, but the 500 is, and 500 and 500x are the same unit. As to other units that are newer - there is the Helix, which is the new "mothership". There's the Firehawk. And I think there was a 3rd one, but I find nothing written about it. However, as previously mentioned, just because something is old, does not make it a bad product. Prior to switching to digital, my previous rig went more than 2 decades without having any changes or additions. And since switching to digital, I have one product - I may have a dozen of them stashed away at various points across the country so that I don't need to travel with them, but they are all the same unit.
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    I totally agree that you should listen before buying an amp. Maybe the Spider V has too many options for tone shaping for you,because I'm getting stellar tones with mine. YMMV
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    Why would you put it on Craigslist rather than just return it where you got it? Also, have you tried making your own presets or altering the presets in any way? Or are you just using the factory presets and presets you've downloaded? Judging a piece of modeling equipment by the presets only is kind of like trying on other people's clothes and telling them their wardrobes sucks because none of it fits you.
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    I have no idea why but the update completed. I kept doing the same thing over and over again and I got a different result. So much for that old expression, I guess. Honestly, I have no idea what was different.
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    I don't get it. This is actually the same product line 6 has sold for the last few years now...with a few more leds. I don't see the point here. In my opinion it's time for something new or at least a decent update for the HD Amps with an IR loader or so. My Pod Hd pro is working on it's limits every day. Time for change...
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    Stick to your first opinions which are probably correct. Amp modelling has moved on but Line 6 has released some awful products all with claims that they were brilliant and realistic at time of release. Then they release a new product which they claim is far better. The brand's prices now match what you might expect to pay for a reasonably good tube amp that potentially sounds much better and is authentically real.
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