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    That's what I was looking for! The "Preset Mode Switches" setting. I had it set to the default where it shows 8 presets. Didn't realize this was the setting that was swapped in and out of with the top right switch.
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    YMMV... but I set up my Helix to display 8 snaps. The MODE then toggles between Snapshot mode and Stomp mode. To get to a Preset I simply touch ONE of the bank buttons and I am in Preset Mode. Once I choose a preset it returns to Snap mode automatically. This gives me a single click to be in any mode I want... without the need to step on two buttons at the same time to enter a particular mode. That setup works great for me... but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone :)
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    As of firmware 3.0 (I think) you can assign a footswitch to recall any snapshot. So you can use any one of your 8 available footswitches for this purpose without having to enter Snapshot mode.
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    same. I use my Apollo twin X as my interface. I just throw on Native on the track I'm recording along with my IR loader and just record like that. I keep plugins to a minimum on my base writing session so there's no real noticeable latency. (at least not enough to bother me, but I have a beefy machine... so I don't have the same limitation as you're experiencing. I'd save up if you can for a heavier duty computer at some point. It just makes life easier) Then I spice things up later. I use my Helix floor to control cubase for punching in and out. It's pretty awesome for that. There's a preset for it actually. (but I'm not actually plugged into my helix floor at all otherwise.) I don't record a wet track at all since Native is right there. IF I had a session where I had already done a lot of mixing and there were a lot of plugins already in the chain then I would then probably use my helix to monitor a wet signal and record the dry. I doubt I'd even bother recording the wet signal tbh. I just know I'd never use it personally with how I work.
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    THANK YOU! After fighting with Helix Native for about 5 hours your solution helped me figure it out! In my case it wasn't and SD card in a reader, but rather the reader itfself being visible to the system as an empty drive. I only had to remove it - and voila, Native and Edit are working!
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    Using a dual cab with different mics and positions is very natural sounding... "Double Take" would be another approach.
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    Hi, Well the first rule of Helix club, is there are no rules. Actually, what I mean is - there is no right or wrong way to creating a preset in Helix world, as opposed to the real world, where you might fry something, or electrocute yourself. That sound you mention happening in your DAW would probably be best created using a dual pitch shift block. Very small amounts of shift should do the job. Try shifting each side, anywhere from 2 to 12 cents, one side +, the other -, for example right -8 cents and left +7 cents the adjust the time by just a few milliseconds (10 to 12 to start, but keep it short) on each to suit. You really just need to play around with it until you find what is good for you. IIRC, There was a short thread on here that discusses creating a “natural chorus” effect using dual pitch. In fact here it is. Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    I've tried it. The frequency response of the Spider V's aren't particularly flat, so the sound is pretty colored. It does work however, but I don't consider it an ideal way to amplify the Helix. But I tweaked my presets in the Helix to my studio monitors. Try it, you might think it sounds ok.
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    " I believe the movement of DATA is part of the MIDI spec... even though it is proprietary. " --- Yes. MIDI and AES specs.
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    Well, I'm not retired yet but age wise I'm not far behind you. It's interesting that I also am starting to make purchasing decisions based on current life expectancy. No one told me that was going to happen. No one told me about the hair in the ears and nose either!!!! Get ready for it all you youngsters. And let me say again, Variax is the coolest thing ever, especially when combined with the Helix, despite it's "flaws". Especially if you're a bedroom rocker. A bit expensive if that's all you do I guess, but if you can afford it, totally worth it in my opinion. Maybe the LT instead of a full on Helix.
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    When shipping your guitars, for safety reasons, please take the battery out and put it in a side compartment in your gig bag or guitar case. The Alkaline batteries can be unstable and leak under certain conditions. haven't had a problem yet, but we don't want a first time. It is simply a good safety precaution. Rock N' Roll!!!
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    Hi @JohannDaart, Sorry, I missed your post. From the sound of it it could well be related. It is easy enough to change those settings and see if it helps. I think you have to nurse those drivers a little. DM
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    I just bought a Katana to use with my Stomp, It's awesome! I plug straight into the power amp in, I tried using the preamp blocks but didn't like what I got, Tried using only an amp block and sounds sweet!! Would recomend the combo of Line 6 and Katana.
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