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    Yeah, manuals are always the last... :) I'm sure there are many limits imposed, and maybe not possible at all the opposite direction - but the scenario in this thread (HX Effects to LT) seems to work fine. Just for reference, I did not drag and drop. I clicked IMPORT in both Native and in HX Edit > LT.
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    You never disappoint - they sound great - thank you much
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    Purchased - use pod as an interface but had to try these - thanks much
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    Thanks, I thought that it seemed to be rather strange if you couldn’t swap presets. I was rather baffled that the only version of the manual that I could find made a featured note that it wasn’t possible. Not being an HXFX owner I fell into the trap of regarding the published details to be correct. That will teach me! I will strike my previous comment in case someone else believes it. EDIT: I found a copy of the HXFX Owner’s Manual v3.0 and page 16 contains the same featured note about the files being incompatible, yet the HX Edit Pilot’s Guide Rev. P (v3.00) explains the drag and drop function is fully compliant. Mark me confused, and let’s hope that D.I. has done a full proofreading session for the next update to the manuals.
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    That's from the 2.5 manual....I don't think it's relevant any longer. I'm not sure which update it was, but I believe you can move presets around more freely these days. As long as the units are up to date with firmware, you should be able to export an HX Effects preset, then load it into the LT for further editing. NOTE: I only own an LT so this is how I just tested it. I download an HX Effects preset from "customtone" and loaded it directly into both NATIVE and into my LT via HX Edit. Both imported without issue. My LT, Native and HX Edit are all up to date (3.01 as of writing this)
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    At last, here's a demo for the Pod Go version of my pink Floyd presets !
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    OMG, the playing is fantastic, but the cat battles in the background are also good. One cat magically teleports at 50 seconds in. He reappears in another dimension.
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