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    Thanks, PierM! I wanted to just use the Edit software for this. For anyone else who has this problem, here's what I just found out by....yup, READING THE MANUAL: ;) "To Store a Block’s Bypass State Per Snapshot - Click on the Bypass button above any block within the Signal Flow and set your desired bypass state for the block (or you can toggle the block’s Bypass button within the Edit tab). Any amp or effects block’s Bypass state will, by default, be remembered and recalled per Snapshot."
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    Where can I get a "Less Paul" and "More Paul" switch? That is freakin' HILARIOUS!!! (found a source here)
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    I wear these and they muffle the clicks really good....
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    Just wear big fluffy slippers... problem solved. ;)
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    WOW! They still produce manuals? .... jk ;-)
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    You need to press the gain encoder, and then dial the value. This will place a keyframe there, to be stored in the snapshot.
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    Funny to see in the other thread, about exactly same topic, someone saying exactly the opposite. :)
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    When you say ‘they are there to use’ I assume you mean they appear in the model list but are greyed out and can’t be selected. That’s the indicator that there is insufficient DSP remaining in the preset to use them. To test, try selecting a New Preset and then select the Poly FX as the only block in the preset. If you are still unable to select it/them then there is a problem. Otherwise, this is normal behaviour and common to all DSP intensive FX blocks when the preset is nearing its DSP capacity. Also, make sure you have the compatible v3.x version of the HX Edit program.
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    I need to reset the presets. Mine (got it yesterday) came loaded with factory presets all titled "New Preset"; with Fx, blocks, amps, etc. all set up. Just, no preset titles. Kinda weird! Seems to have the latest firmware on it. Pretty awesome little unit though. I've got the HX regular on my other board, this one is going on my Friedman board. For amp fx loop stuff; comp, gate, eq, boost, modulation, delay, verb; and looper. The 6 button looper is a major upgrade. I make do with the HX using a two button trs switch, a two button midi (DMC micro) and expression pedal thru the DMC. And using the DMC for looper on the HX does work well enough- alot better than the one button version. But the XL looper 6 button option is way better. Also, adding a two button trs switch (I had a Boss FS-7 which works fine) for FS7, and FS8 is very useful, specially having dedicated mode and tap temp buttons assigned. Really makes using it alot easier now! My buddy uses the smaller board with the HX, so we'll be able to come up with some cool presets; using them same way on his rig. I've got a Friedman, he uses a Boogie.
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    Got it working, i had to use another computer for the Updater to open thank you for your help.
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    Anyway, afaik the M9 had the same tactile switch, soldered to PCB. Same as Helix, HX etc... Funny is, I remember people complaining about how bad those were lol! What make noise in these systems aren't really the little switches, but friction of springs/metal bits just above the actual switch. Messing around there, imho, is a path to nowhere. Also, this will totally void the warranty (and considering it's a brand new, just released XL, doesn't really sound a smart move). If ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    There is a thread discussing “stutter” and “killswitch” fx here: Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    Backups hopefully? Next I would uninstall HX Edit and download and install HX Edit 3.0.1 again. You can then try some of the global reset options here https://helixhelp.com/tips-and-guides/universal/reset-options. With luck that will get you back in business and you can try the firmware upgrade through HX Edit again if necessary. If that fails download the Line6 Updater and use that to finish the firmware update.
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    Thanks so much for the replies. Decided to get the Helix Rack after all. It arrived yesterday. Still learning the ropes.
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    People on here have posted sources of replacements for broken footswitches, you might be able to search for that and see if there is a more suitable alternative for you. The actual electrical switches (at least on the floor model) are a standard tactile pcb switch so I doubt it's the actual switch that's too noisy.
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    Start here and watch a few of his Helix- specific tutorials: If you're new to modeling, you've got your work cut out for you... they're not "plug and play" devices. The learning curve tends to be steep, as they require a different approach than simply plugging into your favorite amp with the tone controls at "noon". While there are no "rules" per se, or universal formulas for success, remember the following two things: 1) It's not a guitar amp, and it'll never behave like one no matter what you do. 2) Unless you stop thinking like a guitar player, you're finished before you start. You're creating recorded guitar tones, not live "amp in the room" tones... you have to think like a recording engineer. Mic choice/ placement and EQ are the two biggest pieces of the puzzle. And when I say EQ, I'm not talking about the amp model's bass, mids, and treble controls...I mean the specific targeting of certain frequencies/ frequency ranges, that will allow you to really sculpt your sound. It's a process, and his videos are excellent... he's very good at explaining why he does certain things, as opposed to just saying "set 'Parameter X' at 7". You'll eventually figure it out, but there's no one magic bullet.
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    " I don't think new board is doing something the average user could hear or feel. " --- Correct. There was a minor parts update to the board to dial-in a couple things. "... this JTV59 is the best companion for my Fishman Tripleplay. Incredible how well the FTP tracks this guitar. " --- Yes, the JTV-59 seems to be a favourite mount for a Fishman Tripleplay. Had a few come across my service bench with those on them,... pretty good.
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    How are you monitoring it?
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    The video's author's(Alberto Martinez Del Rio) recommendation. "The old Morse Tone trick ... You'll need a guitar with the Gibson Les Paul type control setup. Just turn the volume down on one of the knobs and voila ... You got it!" Not sure what blocks to recommend. Maybe a hard gate and a nice bright tone with a little grit. Might not need the gate with the technique used in the video. I think you could probably work something up with the "3 Note Generator" and a momentary switch assignment also.
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    Hey Dave - Have you tried looking on Line 6 CustomTone? here There are very few patches under EVH and or Van Halen there for HX Effects. My thought to find more ideas - - try looking for tones on CustomTone for the Helix/LT/Stomp. you can't load a Helix patch onto the HX Effects (not 100% sure about this - I don't own the HX Effects) but you can use this free utility that a forum user posted called HLX View. Drag and drop a DLed file onto it and read the path set ups with effects used and the settings listed for each effect used and duplicate on your HX Effects. Find HLX View here. just my 2¢ might help without too much trouble and all free
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    I’m no longer OCD. I’m CDO now. I couldn’t stand that it wasn’t in alphabetical order.
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