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    Hello All, Just purchased Ownhammer Ir bundle Helix is telling me: HX Edit was unable to import this IR because the required license was not found. The following product packs are available for purchase from Helix Marketplace: * 65140 WTH? What license? I purchase, I import, I rock out! License? We don't need no stinking license!......or do I? hmmmm
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    Cheers for the reply. Coming from the Boss I'm acclimatising slowly, makes me feel like I took the Boss for granted a little. However the more I dig with this thing, the more I get what it can do. My whammy drop is also now redundant after adding an extra expression pedal! Need to dig out my Variax next!
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    Maybe you have a 1A 9V Boss power supply? You need a power supply with 9V, at least 1A and a reversed polarity 5.5mm diameter plug.
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    Unfortunately I don't know of a way to maintain the block processing and have the tuner on simultaneously. You can have it pass sound of course but it seems to bypass all blocks while it does that. You can as you are aware of select an output rather than mute while the tuner is engaged but that does not solve what you are asking for. I hate to say it but your best option if you need that functionality is to use a third party tuner that is always on. Perhaps Line6 did it this way so that they would not have to keep the required DSP for the tuner reserved for every preset. The tuner might be DSP greedy. I agree having it available and still being able to have the preset fully engaged would be a nice feature to have. My guess is that if they tried to implement it now they would have to find a new efficiency in their code that provided enough DSP overhead for the tuner without disrupting anyone's presets that are currently maxing out the available DSP. I suppose another approach would be to have a global setting that allowed this functionality. Then either grey out/disable any preset that was already using too much DSP for the tuner to run simultaneously, or alternatively kick back a message that there is not enough DSP available to allow the tuner to function in that mode on the current preset.
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    +1. Most of the work in getting Helix and Native matched is Native's input level (and making sure you don't overdrive your audio interface if you are using one rather than Helix/Stomp's USB).
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    It's all about what blocks you want to hear or not hear in the main out vs amp out when it is set to IR/Cab...So if you wanted your amp dry and your DI wet, it could be useful to have FX after the IR block...If you want all the FX in both then you have to move the cab to the end. If Amp out is set to Main, then the only advantage might be post FX that have a bit more of a hi-fi quality because they are not attenuated by the IR... In my case, I use an FRFR monitor, so I use the AMP Out for the House Direct and the Main out for my monitor...That way the volume is fixed for FOH and and I can turn my monitor up and down using the Go Master. For my usage, I always have the cab block as the end because sometimes I will use a provided backline amp...In that case I use the same patch, change the amp out setting to IR/Cab....Amp out goes to the power amp in of the amp I am using and Main out goes to house. I don't ever want anything FX wise going to the main out that isn't in the amp out. My preference.
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    Do you have an SD card in the first laptop? That’s a somewhat common issue that causes HX Edit not to start on Windows machines.
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    Are you referring to your earlier thread? At this point, you seem to be one of the most official words on the topic (the Line 6 officials don't participate in this forum to my knowledge). Perhaps you could do some null tests and experiments to put your mind at ease before setting sail. Please share your results, though, because I'm interested in your findings.
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    Here are the settings of a patch and clip on SoundCloud I did some time ago for another request by ear. Dual Pitch Stereo Interval 1: +0 Cents 1: +10.4 Delay 1: 13 ms V1 Level: 10.0 Interval 2: +0 Cents 2: -11.2 Delay 2: 13 ms V2 Level: 10.0 Mix: 38 % Level: +3.0 dB V1 Pan: Left 75 V2 Pan: Right 75 Dry Pan: Center There obviously will be a difference when used mono.
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    Hi Z3, I put your 8 effects and effects loop on my HX Effects and it all works fine. All 8 effects can be enabled at the same time including the wah(chorme). You can copy this to another preset location and swap other effects without too much difficulty. I didn't try swapping much, but I did swap in the new "Hot Springs" reverb and adriatic delay. Patch file is attached below. Bob Z3LegacyBoard.hlx
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    Hi, Sadly I’m not a HXFX owner and not able to check this out. Although this has already been done by “codamedia”, when it was tested in both in Helix Native and a single path in a Helix. Also, I find it rather confusing that you keep mentioning you need this to work on a HXFX box, but you actually managed to “freeze” a Helix by adding an amp and cab block. I’m a Helix floor (and Native) user and have been since late 2016, and in all that time I have never managed to get the thing to “tilt” - ever - and I have put some pretty oddball patches into it. I have had it hooked up to external rack digital delays, Yamaha SPX 90, Ditto x4 and Boss RC30 loopers, Zoom pedals and even a put Line 6 POD HD500 in the FX loop just for sh!t ‘n’ giggles. I’m still waiting for it to fall over. Forum contributor, “Malhavok” (Ben Vesco) has done his own tests of DSP usage, and has been publishing the lists for quite some time. Find the latest updates here: https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/ Hope this helps/makes sense.
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    - Quit HX Edit! Don't start it again until you're finished with everything following. - Go here and download the Line 6 Updater (in case it's not installed on your machine already): https://line6.com/software/ - Also download the "Flash Memory" from there (it's the actual update). - Install the updater. - Reboot the Helix while holding down switches 6 and 12 (this will take you to safe boot mode). - Start the Line 6 Updater, select "Offline Mode" and see whether it finds your Helix. - If yes, select it and choose "local file". Point it to the Flash Memory file you've downloaded.
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    Touch screens on a floor unit are going to need a lockdown mode. I hope this will have one.
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