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    Sounds like a job for the A-Team. Call support or open a ticket. Good Luck!
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    Hello, I don't find any drivers for my line 6 pod studio UX2 (I have a macOS Big Sur). I would like knowing if is it possible that someone help me with a link to download drivers ....? I am so sad to not play music without my line 6 UX2, it's really complicated to me. Thanks in advance, Sincerly, Guillaume
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    If you enjoy doing everything twice, then it's ideal... This is a "penny wise, pound foolish" discussion. In the name of saving a few bucks, you're gonna double your grunt work, as well as the potential for future problems to troubleshoot. Things change. While any particular piece of gear might be perfect for your needs at a given time, there's zero guarantee that it'll remain that way forever. In fact, it's a virtual certainty that it won't. I've played out this exact scenario countless times over the years. But if I live to be 1000, I'll never understand the philosophy of trying to solve a problem by doubling down on a solution that, on it's own, has already proven insufficient... all you've got then is twice the mediocrity, spliced together with workarounds and happy thoughts. It might technically "work", but with more aggravation and twice the upkeep...(firmware updates, backups, maintaining/rearranging set lists, etc etc etc). While you're at it, you might as well decide to run everything on a Linux platform... then you could really grind to a halt...;) If you have a car with a spent transmission, buying a second one with the same problem to rot in the driveway beside the first, won't get you to work on time. Decide what you need, and get it. If something is no longer useful, sell it/ donate it/ use it for target practice... life is hard enough without installing your own speed bumps.
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    Double the latency, double the noise, double the potential failure points, double the big nasty wall-warts, adding an exp pedal and pedalboard, you're close to the price and size of a new LT or a B stock Floor. Sell the mini unit you already have and get the tool that's made for the job.
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    There's only so much you can do when the lights are out and nobody's home... which is basically nothing. Unfortunately, it dun shat the bed... service ticket time.
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