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  1. Helix v3.5 came out on 3/11/22 i.e. around 8 mths ago. For more straightforward firmware upgrades it normally takes 4-6 mths on past history to transfer across to Pod Go. So, why is v1.50 taking so much longer? It's because Pod Go v1.50 is very different to any other Pod Go firmware upgrade that Line 6 has done previously because the new cab engine requires some fundamental restructuring of the algorithms in Pod Go, and Pod Go Edit also has to be re-designed to manage it. Although Helix v3.5 was marketed as a brand new cab engine, in practice Helix already had a cab engine so it had the right 'base' that supported the enhancements in v3.5. Pod Go is sort of a half-step behind in that it doesn't have that same underlying cab engine structure so the redesign is taking longer. I did wonder, although I accept this is very unlikely, that because Helix is now on v3.6 whether Line 6 might even do both at the same time. At this juncture we simply don't know what will be in v1.50 e.g. whilst Pod Go is single routing might Line 6 find a way to give some form of dual cab facility in a single routing format? But following a number of posts complaining that Line 6 was treating Pod Go as a less important product, and that it's customers weren't as important to Line 6 and 'could wait', & querying why Helix was always first with upgrades, Line 6 responded on 12th June 2023 on the Gear page: Far be it to obligate myself to post in one of several dozen places I frequent every X weeks to keep the kids at bay, but... yes, we're still working on POD Go 1.50. Not including the new cab engine would mean we're stupid enough to not understand the advantages in making POD Go the best-sounding multieffects under $500... by a not inconsiderable amount. And we're not stupid. The reason POD Go's update cadence follows Helix/HX's is that its DSP is a subset of Helix/HX; that is, we have to develop for the Helix/HX platform and then figure out how to port as much as possible from it over to POD Go; it doesn't work the other way around. We've been transparent about this from the get go. <Heh. Get Go. I'll see myself out.> At no point has anyone at Line 6 ever said anything like "Oh, it's the cheaper box. Let them wait." Eric Klein, Chief Product Design Architect, Yamaha Guitar Group | Line 6 | Ampeg | Córdoba | Guild
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  2. !!SOLUTION!! I had an issue where my expression pedal stopped working. I reset to factory settings, ensured I was on the latest firmware, and checked settings. The pedal wouldn't toggle between EXP 1 & 2 and wouldn't register any input at all which was unlike any other issue I saw on the forums. I decided to take my pedal apart to see if I could find the issue and to my surprise and relief, the cable connecting the pedal to the board had become detached. Each connector appears to have glue holding it in the socket as opposed to a clip and in my case the glue had broken and the cable had detached. I've attached pictures below pointing out the cable to look for. I didn't think to take a picture before reattaching it and didn't want to risk detaching it again. I hope this helps someone in the future. **Note: I would recommend keeping track of which screw goes where when taking the pedal apart. A few are different sizes**
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