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    you can easily go with the Truetone one spot pro cs6, or cs/higher number depending on your total mA needs. But the CS6 is enough for the pod go and a little more. I have the CS6 so just ask if you need.
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    Hi, I had exactly the same problem with my FS7 foot switch. But I think I've just fixed the issue. Apart from setting the EXP/FS to FS4 and FS5, I changed the 'TIP POLARITY' to 'Inverted' and the 'RING POLARITY' to 'Inverted'. They were both previously set to 'Normal'. Just to clarify, this is in 'Global Setting' under 'Preferences'. As far as the foot switch, it seems to work if the polarity is set to l or ll. And of course it's set to Momentary. Now my FS7 is working fine. Hope that helps!
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    I want a t-shirt that says Convolution is Linear
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    Thanks Edgar, That worked as you described! Much appreciated!
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    Hi, I'm having the same problem here (POD HD500 drivers not getting along with Mac), however nothing helps e to get past this thing. I just keep seeing this in the Monkey after trying about 7 times of installation and adjusting Security settings. Any advices?
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