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    If Facebook is my only other option, I'll remain happily in the dark.
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    And yet here you are...... is this just a casual drive-by or can we dare hope you will return regularly to further enlighten us?
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    Yeah, I'm kind of a blue collar guitarist myself. I've taken far uglier girls out on a date, and proudly too, than the Variax, so I'd have no problem with her. I own a 59, but honestly, I think she's pretty attractive. Those Fender American Deluxe Strats seem like really arrogant snobs to me. At least, every time I made an offer on one they hard passed.
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    Hi, I have successfully recorded from my m20d to an SD card. I can play and mix the files on the mixer. When I put the (fat 32 formatted) card in my Mac, I can not see any of the files. They are still there, just not visible. This has worked properly in the past and I'm not aware that anything has changed since it did. Any thoughts? Thnx!
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    But the wah wah engages just fine if switch 5 is not engaged? That seems like a glitch as it should work. Can you share your patch so some of us can look at it?
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    Changed the neck asap, but kept the locking tuners for the new neck. Changed pickups asap, since the tyler were lifeless. Changed the pickguard colour, to red turtle, and the knobs to the original strato. Guitar looks and play great. The tremolo has to be inserted and twisted clockwise. But generaly, the tremolo is bad. P.s. try my realistic bundle https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0 Need to signup first
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    I haven't opened one of these up, but from my electronics background and looking at the button out of the slot, that recessed ring around the bottom of the button shaft suggests that it's missing its retaining ring. Basically a circular clip that goes on after it is pushed through the hole to the other side of the button assembly to keep it from popping out. If you open it up, you'll probably find it floating around in there somewhere (could shake it and probably hear it rattle around as well). You should do this anyway as they're metal and the loose piece could short something out on the circuit board. Here's an idea of what you might be looking for (there are many varieties...probably one of the open ended ones is what you'd find: Hope this helps, Jeff
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    That's my way too. I use also the output block for my volume pedal , which for me is a standard in all Rigs. (No change of sound exept Fletcher Munson Effect))
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    If you are referring to mine, it is a PedalTrain Terra42. It’s a very good fit for Helix. It is a bit of a pain to travel with on account of its size and weight, it’s kind of a beast with all those goodies on it. However it is extremely sturdy and the Helix and pedals are affixed with 3M Dual Lock which is pretty much like welding them in place, nothing moves. There is a PedalPower2 mounted underneath, and the PedalPower, Helix and BlueSky are plugged into a power-strip mounted on the board, so there is only one electrical connection to make. So in that regard it does travel well. I don’t have the hard case, but if I had to move it often I would invest in that. Here is a better (and more recent) picture:
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    Because he's smart enough to see that at this point any claimed sound difference is smoke and mirrors.
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    Very much agree that these small changes accumulate and can sometimes become substantial. I like to see the big changes keep coming as well. My interests definitely align with IR creators, as well as musicians who have produced a recording, in that I want to see their creative output as well as my own rendered and delivered with the maximum quality possible as it was intended. All of that has to happen unfortunately within the reality of cost constraints which is why I am always happy to see storage and processing costs go down while their capabilities increase.
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    Technically all of the modern crop of FRFR powered speakers from Alto to QSC to Yamaha to EV all work fine for acoustic and electric, obviously because those are the same speakers used on PAs for the audience. I use a Yamaha DXR12 for both electric songs as well as acoustic (both hand-picking as well as strummed). I position it behind me on stage on a half height speaker pole in the backline. My acoustic also has a sound hole cover, but the sound on stage is magnificent. Obviously you have to manage your volume more than with electric to avoid feedback, but it works fine for me in my configuration. But that same signal is also going to the FOH so I only have to really fill the stage, not the audience. In a smaller room it would probably still be fine.
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    Very cool ideas! Do you know how this would work with a DUOVERB HD & POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT?
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    I debated whether to post this or not. Bottom line, I'd want to know. So here's a quote from Digital Igloo posted today at TGP. Finishing up Helix Core has been a slog. We have models for 2.80 finished (and more to come) but haven't even started on user-facing features, as we'd have to code everything twice (once for Helix Core SKUs, again for those that don't aren't yet fully Core). There'll probably be a preview at NAMM but it won't be ready until later. My personal pet feature made it in. Finally.
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    Okay, in the top left of the screen while logged into the app you should see a Firehawk logo. Touch that and it brings up a side menu with numerous choices. From top to bottom they are "My tones," "tone search," "Firehawk," "Editor," "Tuner," "Output," "Music Library," and then at the very bottom left an option that says "Settings." Touch the settings button. At the very top of the screen you should see a "Log Out" option. Log out, and then log back in to your account and see if that helps with the issue.
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    The "53 has a single tone control, not Bass, Mid and Treble. That's a pretty significant difference. Everybody doesn't get everything they want.
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    OP's desire for a model that you, personally, wouldn't use hurts you how? Prevents them from modeling yet another high gain amp that I, personally, don't need? The only Fender Bassman I know of that has a Master Volume is the 300. I'm pretty sure that's not the one L6 modeled, and it's not the '53 (Volume and Tone only). And while the '63 has two channels, there's no Master Volume. So which one did they model? My point here is that, if you look at Ideascale, just about every amp ever made has been requested, so why the animosity towards OP's request?
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    Okay, so same problem, but I have a fix. L6 support was pretty useless as far as solutions on this one. I posted this in another thread of people have the IDENTICAL problem on Windows with Cubase. Reposting it here... I have the EXACT same problem running Presonus Studio One with Hellx Native on macOS! It will run perfectly across multiple launches for about a day (i.e. 24 hours), then it crashes the DAW. However, I DID run it up the flagpole with L6 support and their only suggestion was to completely reinstall the DAW... which made no sense, because all plugin versions (AU, VST) crashed every DAW and VST host I tried it with. But I happened upon a solution: after installation when you use the VST for the first time, it creates a set of folders in your user directory. There is a preferences file that you need to edit. On macOS, it's located here: ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Helix Native/Helix Native.prefs In that file, there is a key called "Session Token" -- if you close the DAW, open that file, remove that key and value, and save the file... everything works again... for 24 hours. You'll have to authenticate and log in to Line6 every day.
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    Tubes choices to use for the DT Series,... DT-50 Series: 12AX7EH Electro-Harmonix approved for the DT50 pre-amps. EL34EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. DT-25 Series: 12AX7B China for pre-amps. EL84EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. Power amp tube choices are crucial, and must be properly biased by a tech or Line 6 authorized service center who knows the product. Don't do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great,... and it hurts when you get electric shock. Leave it to a tech trained who is for this. These valve amps are particular about tubes and tube brands. Do Not use substitutes, No Mesa, Groove Tube, Tung-Sol or JJ substitutes. No hot rodding of an already Bogner hot rod.
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    Hello to all, in advance I'm sorry for my bad English. However, I was able to install Gearbox as indicated above (thanks) but when the program gives me the following message "Ignoring connection to POD X3 - This device has an incompatible driver installed." So Gear box starts, you see the windows but not talks to the POD X3, I can not change anything I set ... Does anyone have any solution? Thank you! Gearbox: ver. 3.72 Drivers: ver. 7.6.7
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    Voted! Btw, there is an Idea that has been out there for a while effectively advocating the same thing you are. The idea has been enthusiastically endorsed with 645 votes last time I checked. I hope this one gets implemented at some point. The other idea is: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Ability-to-save-default-blocks/741187-23508
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    I own two DXR12's. I go from the 1/4 inch L/Mono out of the Helix into the L/Mono in on the DXR. If you intend to use it in the floor monitor position like I do you should select the "Monitor" position on the D-contour switch to correct for bass buildup. I also set the High Pass Filter (HPF) to 125Hz which tends to reduce the need for lo cut filters on my patches in the Helix. If you're not getting enough bass response you could drop the HPF to 100 Hz. Bear in mind, however, that the FOH speaker system may or may not have the same cutoff points on the their crossover or lo cut filters, so it's not a bad idea to set up your lo cuts on the helix separately just in case. I keep the Level on the Line input set at unity which is the 12 o'clock position and control my output via the large Main Volume knob on the Helix. And that's about it. For your reference, I've included the response profile characteristics of the DXR series speaker line below. You'll notice there tends to be quite a bump on the low end down around the 100 Hz area as well as one up above about 9000Hz. You can see that both of those are somewhat mitigated on the graph when you're using the D-Contour in the Monitor position. There really aren't any hard and fast rules about high and low cuts since that really depends on what type of guitar you're using, what amp model is being used, what cabinets, what mic's, and the position of those mics. That's why I don't do anything with the global settings in that regard and just adjust it per patch. Personally I find I have to do more with the high and low cuts with the Helix stock cabinets than I do when using certain types of 3rd party IRs. If the bass isn't sounding tight enough for your taste you can raise your low cut up to 130 or 140 to eliminate that in most cases, but raising the Bias on the amp can help as well. The high cuts are much more fluid depending on the guitar, amp model, cab, mic, and mic placement. As I said I tend to use less high cuts with certain IR's such as OwnHammer and the Celestion IRs. With OwnHammer IRs I tend to use mic placements in the 5, 6, or 7 positions which are midpoint out from the cone toward the edge. With the Celestions I use either the Balanced, Dark, Dark2, or Fat positions. Again all of these are highly depended on the type of guitar and amp model. There are cases such as when I use a Les Paul with the German Mahadeva (Bogner Shiva) model paired up with the Celestion 2x12 Alnico Blue Balanced IR that I don't even use a high cut. With brighter setups such as a Telecaster going through a Soldono using Celestion Creambacks I generally end up cutting highs at around 3.8 Khz. So all of this will have to come down to your ears and what you want the audience to hear. The good news about the DXR series is they tend to have the same response profile as 90% of the modern PA speakers on the market, so what you setup and are hearing from the DXR will be very much like what the audience will be hearing out front. https://www.yamahacommercialaudiosystems.com/downloads/block_level/dxr_frequency_response.pdf
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    hi I have installed but still says: these device has an incompatible driver installed. I've tried everything and dint work. What can i do? I have OS el capitan 10.11.5 and the last version of pod software,
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