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    FWIW, I've watched all 3 of your amp/modeller comparison videos and enjoyed all of them. So keep it up - there's room in YouTube land for all sorts! :)
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    Hey guys, creator of the video here. Our videos are getting more attention than I ever thought they would and I won’t try and defend anything since everyone’s entitled to their opinions. I personally became fed up with all the hate I was hearing about the Spider V, and once my buddies all acquired the amps to do it, we thought it would be fun to see what we thought sounded best. I have a background in video, so I thought “why not”. We’re not attempting to make scientific discoveries. That’s why in this video, amps x and z sound good but y sounds bad and in our other video y sounds great but x and z sound bad. We’re just trying to have some fun. Take it for what it’s worth. We’re not professionals, just guys who like gear, trying to share it with y’all.
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    Agreed! Some of the guitar cabs are far better than many bass cabs... for bass use! One important trick for me is to avoid the use of certain mics (57 Dyn cuts lows!). In my experience, a close (1'') 414 Cond or 121 Ribbon give me the best results. If some cab is too dark, then the 47 Cond helps (this is what comes with the SVT by default). Then the 4038 Ribbon boosts lows too much, it is useful sometimes, but I am not sure if there is the need to boost lows when there are so many cabs that work well. Avoiding medium distance "57 Dyn" is what makes MANY guitar cabs usable for me. My favorites bass cabs (Forgive comments in "Spanglish"): Also "No cab" works really well for me. With some EQ to tame and "voice" high frequencies, but totally transparent with lows. It avoids phasing issues. We bass players have enough with our "FRFR" cabs, they are not that "transparent" in the lows, so there is no need to make the problem twice as bad. I have certain theory why some "good" or "professional" or "thoroughly recorded" cab models are not so great with the Helix or any other modeller. Their responses are anything but "tight". 1x18 Woody Blue may sound good with headphones, but I doubt it is good with the full band and using any practical real cab in stage with the full band at high volume. To me it sounds really BAD. I can understand why some bass multi effect users are enthusiastic with their presets tuned with headphones without a band and then in the first rehearsal the band tell them "This is for guitars, your old bass amp sounded way better". ================== About the blend: Some overdrives / distortion have. And this is great because this avoids certain subtle problems that appear when using parallel paths. The problem with parallels paths (besides being very limited in number) has to do with phasing issues, they are different for each amplifier or overdrive. These issues are far worse in bass than in guitar. I know that this topic can be very controversial. Some ODs don't have a blend control, but they work at low / moderate gains "as if" they had a clean parallel path. If you play bass I recommend to try Teemah! for this reason. Teemah! and Obsidian 7000 are my favorite dirts. I have a preset that is simply Teemah! plus an EQ (instead of cab) plus effects, this is one of my favorites with the band. Because it is "rich enough" but "TIGHT". And I need my bass to sound very tight in many songs / band situations. Next in my "OD" list are 3 bass amps (SV Beast and Tuck'n'Go) and then Clawthorn Drive. There are many usable blocks to create OD / Distortion, some are bass amps, some are guitar amps. IME many of them are totally unusable for bass. But there are some surprises, for example the LEGACY heavy distortion (this one requires a parallel path). Or the Tube Screamer emulation is too "treebly", but does not CUT bass, so it admits EQ to restore bass... and does not require a parallel path! (it works better in a band context this way). I really would like to add a blend control in overdrives and distortions. Now I know it is not trivial to add if done properly. Hope it helps.
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    Thank you so much L6 for the new 2.0 software. Made all the difference in the world on my 240 head. It was good before, but now it rips hard! Unbelievable power and sound with a proper 4x12. You can hear this rig half a mile away! Bravo gentlemen!!!
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    So I've been a Stomp user for about a year now. I haven't been at all disappointed in it. It's been my baby and I've taken it everywhere. Sometimes with a pedal board of additional pedals, often just on its own, and I've just been thrilled. So I sold it. Bought myself the Helix floor. I was looking at a mic pre-amp to use with the Stomp which would have been a decent chunk of change. Then I realized I had a bunch of unused gear that would sell for a lot, and that the Stomp would sell for a lot . . . plus I own a Variax . . .saw a great deal on a mint used unit and suddenly found myself clicking "buy now." And yeah. It's arguably complete overkill, but I'm really excited to be able to do EVERYTHING now. I'm hoping to have the same experience as everyone else, namely rarely needing anything else anymore. The Stomp almost pulled it off, and so now I'm thinking this might just put the nail in the coffin of gear chasing.
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    So, I've just ordered a HX Stomp. I can definitely see why someone might prefer the Effects, but I think the Stomp will be ideal for me. Thanks.
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    Are the Fender Mustang 2 and 4 button foot switches or expression pedal compatible with the Stomp?
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    You could use something like this: https://www.alliedelec.com/product/bogen-communications-inc-/wmt1a/70146557/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0IDtBRC6ARIsAIA5gWsD-JONLGZYRdIQmTZMQjk-O_yIK7CRWfeZ8Vh90WL1kw0aFRgeYY8aAjR_EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds or https://www.ccisolutions.com/StoreFront/product/shure-a85f with an adapter. But... a 16 ft run shouldn't be an issue running unbalanced (we do that with guitar cables all the time) And note that using a simple cable wiring style adapter will effectively unbalance the whole run. You have to have a transformer or an active device with differential inputs on the receiving side to keep it balanced and maintain common mode noise rejection.
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    Yes it can/should be able to "monitor" your tracking live. the USB section in the manual pg 44 should give a breakdown of ins/out settings via USB But, if you have your HXS analog outs to Denon AND digital thru the PC... that might be your "noise source"
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    There really shouldn't be a lot of additional noise and/or interference from a 16 ft run. I honestly don't think it's worth the trouble worrying about it.
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    This bug was fixed in the 2.82 update. It’s specifically mentioned in the release notes.
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    Our Helix squirrels are PERFECTLY modeled! If they found a way to exterminate our squirrels, people would complain "I don't know what it is, but it just sounds fake". Just like they do now! I, too, am glad it's not frogs. They'd be PERFECTLY modeled. Then we'd have the Bullfrog Blues! :-) OK, it's late. Sleep now......
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    I like to believe that I'm VERY objective in my subjective blovinionating, so I once again listened to the audio sample, downloaded the sample preset and played the preset through first my Rokit6 monitors, then through my FRFR112, and finally through my tube amp power section (6v6). And, oh yeah, my Sony MDR-V6 headphones. My final blovinion on the subject: When I listened to the audio sample through my headphones I thought I might've heard......something. Like.....very quiet evil demon squirrels scratching, scratching, scratching.....very subtle evil demon squirrels. Or maybe my internet connection sucks. When I played the preset through the same headphones I heard.... nothing. Through the Rokits I heard....nothing. Through the FRFR112 I heard....nothing. Through the tube amp I heard....nothing. THEREFORE MY CONCLUSION - the evil demon squirrels live in .WAV FILES! ONLY audible only on high end stereo equipment that I can't afford. No, wait, that's silly. Let me listen again.... HARRUMPH...OK, MY CONCLUSION IS - I've been hearing this sound all my life, to the point where, to my ears, it's a natural part of what a live guitar and amplifier played in the real world sounds like. I don't doubt the existence of the phenomenon - like UFOs, so many people have reported it that it must be real, and to those poor souls who've been abducted and subjected to invasive aural testing by evil demon alien squirrels (EDAS), I offer my heartfelt condolences. I hope that somewhere, somehow, YOU TOO will find an amplified guitar experience free of the terror of EDAS. If not, there's always the ukelele......
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    You don't need to install 2.80 before installing 2.82. Just go straight to 2.82.
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    As per instructions, I updated HX Edit to 2.82. I do have a backup of my helix. I connected to L6 Updater and only see 2.81? 2.82 does not appear. I was on 2.80 and I updated to 2.81 thinking that would get it to show 2.82 next, but I still only see 2.81. What am I missing?
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    There are no shortcuts, no. Listen and adjust accordingly. Stand by to be told that you need six different varieties of dB meters, a live chicken, and a Ouija board to level patch volumes properly. Pay no attention. The two things you need, you already have: 1) Ears. 2) The channel volume parameter, and/ or the output block volume.
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    it's not not only isn't it the most fitting, it is way out in left field
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    I understand the design motivation for limiting HX Stomp to 6 blocks: Keeping the UI elegant, simple and easy to use Focus on adding a stomp box in an existing pedalboard to compliment an existing setup with HX capabilities Consistency between the number of blocks and DSP capacity Anticipating future blocks that may utilize significantly more DSP resources Limited number of foot switches to control blocks Essentially this means HX Stomp is intended to provide Helix capabilities, with minimum footprint, to existing pedalboard and amp setups, not to be all things Helix in a tiny box. I get that, and these are all good design decisions, although these design decisions also sound appropriate for HX Effects. But let's look at how HX Stomp might be used in a gigging situation by itself to see if 6 blocks is enough. This might be for rehearsal, as a backup to Helix, as a convenient fly rig, or just because something so small is so useful. Consider a typical guitar signal chain that uses front and back of the amp effects (| means or): Input > Wah > Compressor > Drive > Overdrive > UniVibe | Phasor | Flanger | etc. > Amp > Cab | IR > Chorus > Delay > Reverb > Output This it my typical gigging Helix patch. I use 10 Stomp mode and pretty much stick with the same patch all night, using snapshots for open tunings, acoustic, and Leslie. This is 10 blocks, and clearly requires more foot switches than HX Stomp can provide. If you need patches like this or more complicated, you need Helix or Helix LT. Trimming this down to 8 blocks, we get something like: Input > Wah > Compressor > Overdrive > UniVibe | Phasor | Flanger | etc. > Amp+Cab > Chorus > Delay > Reverb > Output If you leave the Drive, Amp+Cab, Delay and Reverb on all the time, and you have a Line6 Mission pedal (if you don't, get one, it makes HX Stomp is a lot more useful), then you need foot switches to control Wah, Overdrive, UniVib, and Chorus. If you configure FS3 in global settings for Stomp, then you have the four foot switches you need. This seems like an ideal setup for HX Stomp by itself and is something I would be happy to gig with. To trim this down to 6 blocks, we get something like: Input > Wah > Drive > Amp+Cab > Chorus > Delay > Reverb > Output This is still pretty good, but looses the front of the amp modulation effect, something I use quite a bit. The work around is to create a patch template that covers the common blocks, then create a different preset for each front of the amp effect you need. That can work since you generally only need one of these at a time. But it means creating and maintaining a lot of patches that differ in only one block, and the potential need to change presets in the middle of a song to get different front of the amp effects. This is probably not practical. So I vote for 8 blocks, full Helix Path 1 capability, and let us users deal with balancing blocks and DSP capacity, just like we do with Helix. Two more blocks is actually a lot of additional flexibility without much additional complexity. This said, I'm pretty happy with HX Stomp just as it is and would highly recommend one as an entry point into the Helix ecosystem, as a Helix backup, or as a stomp box to add Helix blocks to an existing rig.
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    Thx Silverhead for your answer. Very happy to be a new member of THE Community.
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    Yes you can update directly to v2.81. Please read and carefully follow the update directions. No you do not need to make a backup. I suggest that you select to update the factory presets as part of the update procedure; this will provide you with the v2.81 factory presets, replacing the v2.30 that are currently on your device. You will encounter this option as you follow the update directions.
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    I finally found a solution -- I CAN'T BELIEVE!!!!!!!! I had to disable the Gatekeeper. http://osxdaily.com/2016/09/27/allow-apps-from-anywhere-macos-gatekeeper/ Here are the instructions on how to do it. After some research and many failed tries, I succeeded after I did these steps: - Open Terminal from Applications > Utilities > Terminal - Run the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable It may ask for your user password. - Open Security & Privacy panel and you will be able to see this new option Anywhere. Enable it! (unlock the padlock will be needed to make this change). - Now, If you had previously installed the Line6 driver, it must be uninstalled. - Install the driver again -- I've installed directly from the driver file, without using Line 6 Monkey, don't know if it will work. - When prompt, restart your computer. Open up the Security & Privacy panel again and *crossed fingers* you'll be able to see this message: - Click Allow and that's it :) After those steps I could open POD HD500x Edit and BOOM, it's connected I hope this works for those who are having the same problem!
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    *Three Hours Later* This was originally a big long post about how nothing worked. Then I watched a youtube video where a person was demonstrating using host capabilities on an Android and they plugged the on the go cable directly into the phone . . . I had plugged it into the amp first, then the cord into the phone. Okay, so this is probably PRETTY DANG STUPID . . . and I may be the only human being on earth that has ever made this mistake, but nevertheless, in case there is someone else out there who this is their first foray into the on the go cable and it just isn't working: Step 1: 1. PLUG THE ON THE GO CABLE DIRECTLY INTO THE ANDROID PHONE, and THEN the regular android cable into that, and that into the amp. If that doesn't work, proceed to trouble shoot from there.
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    I have to mostly disagree with you on that one. Glitz - describing the bloom etc. made technical sense to me. Ganymede - It adds modulation to the reverb. OK, that makes sense to me with "producing extremely good-feeling reverberation." being what you described. Double tank - It's a plate reverb with no early reflections. Plateau - Adds tones to the signal and describes what some of the knobs do. The "maximum radiance and beauty" was a bit much. But "laid-back and subtle to full-blown majestic splendor." was admittedly a bit over the top but it made sense to me. Searchlights - Well ya got me there. I could glean not one technical thought from that one. Overall, I found the descriptions very...well...descriptive, for lack of a better term, with one exception. The adjectives were a bit over the top but overall, they helped me.
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    You can add the Marshall AFD100 to your list also. Can't change between afd/#34 mode of turn on/off FX-loop
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    Can't figure this out. Tried again last night, and it sounded absolutely awful. Guitar was in perfect tune (standard). Tried going 1/2 down and...... ugh, horrible.
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