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    From my first Pod to now, I've always figured I would need to spend at least a full day with an amp to try and get what I can out of it. Saving whatever I thought was interesting and listening to them again one or two days later. Just to have new ears listen to it from a fresh perspective. It is time consuming but it's been the best way for me to learn really what the amps can do.
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    Helix gets better and better every update, but anyone can make anything sound bad if they don't take the "time" to learn how to use it.
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    The key thing is to keep most blocks at unity gain (bypass on/off doesn’t result in a big volume jump). This way you won’t get gain buildup in your signal chain that could result in digital clipping at the output, and you’ll be sending each block a signal that hopefully keeps it in its sweet spot, where it was designed to work best.
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    Amen! It takes months/years of dedicated, focused use to really learn an amplifier, real or modeled. Even a new pedal can have a learning curve of many weeks. In the "real world", few of us are ever in a position to sit in a room with 50+ amps every day and pick the one we want; we get an amp and we learn how to wring every last thing out of it. Owning two amps is tall cotton. The expectation seems to be that when we select an amp in Helix it will magically sound like it was dialed in to our gear and environment by an expert, but in reality it is still our job to become that expert. More amps will not eliminate the need to actually learn how to use them.....
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    It's actually pretty darn difficult to clip the input of the Helix or the Stomp. The max input level is like +16dBu. That's higher than what a lot of devices are even capable of outputting. Whether or not you want to use the input pad (or set the input level to line level on the Stomp) has more to do with how the modeling reacts to the signal you're sending. Now, certainly, if you're sending a line level signal, you'd want to have the input set to line level. But as far as guitar, it's really what sounds best.
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    The hope is that others will take the survey. If I was Walter Matthau, I'd throw a dead fish in the back seat of cruisinon2's car. :-)
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    LOL. I doubt the PA front of house speakers where I play are doing the Helix justice. That and volunteer sound techs keeping your buried in the mix.
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    C'mon man! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! We all float down here. Or something. Doesn't matter what gear forum you end up on, there will always be the guys who suck the manufacturer wang to no end. If its any consolation its worse on TGP, and there's other brand ball lickers that just wanna fight about whose digital amp sims have the nicer booty and whatnot.
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    Is this horse dead yet or can we expect the beating to continue a tad longer? If I ever need an example of "circle jerk" I can point to this thread.
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    How dare you suggest that no one is deserving of instant gratification, delivered yesterday, at someone else's expense!!!!...Now where's my safe space and box of crayons?!?! ;)
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    I seriously cannot for the life of me understand why everyone gets their panties in a bunch over getting new amps all the time.... what is it you cannot get out of the helix right now? It has every flavor you need covered, just learn how to dial it in.
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    Sub-atomic particles from deep space are constantly bombarding earth. They pass right through most substances with unknown effect. They are likely the cause of the old saying - "$h1t happens". ;-)
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    With the latest changes made in the last year or two to this website, some things have been a bit messed up. However I'm not going to make now a list of all the weird workings of this site. Regarding how to be able to access the personal data in your own account, I noticed that you have to log in not from the forum/support pages but rather from the Line6 home/index page, ie https://line6.com.. In other words loggin in to your personal data account and logging in to the forum/support pages are 2 separate things. If you log in from the home page you will be both in your personal data account and forum, but if you log in instead from the forum you will be only in the forum. Weird, but that's how it works. I'm quite sure that if you follow my advice, you'll be able to enter in your account personal data and add your new Line6 gear. Good luck _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
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    I actually think L6 has done a great job of updating this unit over time. I bought mine back in February of 2016. right before 1.06 came out. Since then they have added a ton of amps, effects, and functionality to the Helix as well as introducing HX Effects, Helix Stomp and Helix Native (which I also have in my pro tools setup). They have also added quite a few high gain amps for those of us who like it nasty. The Cali IV, the 2204 Mod, the Fatality, Archetype, Badonk, Placater, etc. It already came with Quite a few from Soldano to Mesa to Bogner to Engl, 5150, Several original models, etc etc....right out of the gate.. Now they are throwing Revv into the mix? That doesn't include the massive amount of effects added. I'm pretty happy so far and I'm very excited to integrate it with my DT-50 head.
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    I have an LT... most of the time I just edit on the device itself and I never have any issues. Yesterday I opened up HX Edit and encountered a problem. After 5 - 10 minutes of editing. one of my presets lost all of it's snapshot settings and any changes to snapshot controllers were sticking across ALL snapshots, not just the ones I was editing. I couldn't do anything to regain control of the patch. Thankfully, I always have a safety copy of everything I am working on (plus backups) so I copied the safety over, started over, and had no issues completing what I needed to do. But what happened? Has anyone else encountered something like this? Does HX Edit act up on occasion potentially corrupting a preset or was my use of HX Edit pure coincidence? The Helix has been rock solid and stable, last nights gig was no different. I'm not implying any "stability issues" at all with this post - I'm just hoping to find out what caused this glitch while editing. EDIT TO ADD: I know this question will come up so I'll address it now... both the LT and HX Edit are running the same versions... 2.80 (.......................... just kidding,.. 2.71)
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    Sorry, I'm 'new' at this idea.... Does this mean that I can take my 2 IR's that I use a split path for, and combine them into one IR that I can then use in my Helix to save space/split paths/cpu power?
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    Maybe it's just me... but if I had a piece of gear that was malfunctioning 100% of the time I wouldn't have it centering anything. THE END! It sounds to me like your Helix is faulty. I'd be identifying and fixing the problem before going any further with it. As I stated in my opening post... my Helix is stable. The only time I had any issue with it (besides my own case of user error) was when I had it connected to HX Edit which is why I am here :)
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    I tried the Powercab today and loved it, worked well with the helix for both acoustic and electric. They only had the powercab in so Ive ordered the powercab plus as Id like the ability to expand and change using midi. Cant wait to get my hands on it!
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    Not on mobile. Besides, I assumed this was a forum of Line6 customers, not devotees. I must have taken a wrong turn and ended up in the cult section, I'll head for the exit as soon as I figure out the lollipop UI of the mobile version of this forum.
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    Can't be done. There's no putting the Entitlement Genie back in the bottle. An entire generation has been raised to believe that the world is their ashtray. It will only get worse...
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    I know that this is an old thread but I just bought a Helix LT and got the cheat sheet scanned, in case you or anyone else wanted one :) HELIX_LT_Cheat_Sheet.pdf
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    The best amp for you to use with the HX FX is the same amp that you would use without it.
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    tell us what you think.I wanted to try one myself because im a man child and i want new toys.
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    When I first got Helix I decided I'd use it as a backup interface and keep my main interface, (A nice MOTU that I've used for years). After doing some experimentation, I sold the other one. Every vocal, every guitar, and some of the basses on this album were recorded through Helix. I printed some FX and put some on later. Some of the acoustic guitars were recorded direct with IR and some miked. https://peterhamm.bandcamp.com/album/protest-songs
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    Hello I just get my 500X today and save the original bundle ! So maybe some people need it ? Just follow this link & download https://app.box.com/s/w8nbve5p25mjw5mxwsbifk1ynexga0ck Greetings
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