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    If Facebook is my only other option, I'll remain happily in the dark.
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    And yet here you are...... is this just a casual drive-by or can we dare hope you will return regularly to further enlighten us?
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    Yeah, I'm kind of a blue collar guitarist myself. I've taken far uglier girls out on a date, and proudly too, than the Variax, so I'd have no problem with her. I own a 59, but honestly, I think she's pretty attractive. Those Fender American Deluxe Strats seem like really arrogant snobs to me. At least, every time I made an offer on one they hard passed.
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    Hi, I have successfully recorded from my m20d to an SD card. I can play and mix the files on the mixer. When I put the (fat 32 formatted) card in my Mac, I can not see any of the files. They are still there, just not visible. This has worked properly in the past and I'm not aware that anything has changed since it did. Any thoughts? Thnx!
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    But the wah wah engages just fine if switch 5 is not engaged? That seems like a glitch as it should work. Can you share your patch so some of us can look at it?
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    Changed the neck asap, but kept the locking tuners for the new neck. Changed pickups asap, since the tyler were lifeless. Changed the pickguard colour, to red turtle, and the knobs to the original strato. Guitar looks and play great. The tremolo has to be inserted and twisted clockwise. But generaly, the tremolo is bad. P.s. try my realistic bundle https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0 Need to signup first
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    The OP's tuner has a major issue...no matter what note he plays, the tuner is displaying a note that's 3 semi-tones above the note actually being played. Somewhere an algorithm is failing spectacularly. Rolling off the treble or tuning with harmonics won't help him if he's playing an "A", and the tuner is telling him it's "C".
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    Even with techs you have to compromise at a certain point. Maybe he wanted to have a different amp for each song? Maybe amps that can't be brought on tour? Mind you he probably didn't use standard amps like most of us do, but profiled his favorite tone out of his personal collection of amps. That's a variety that can't be achieved with analog gear
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    thanks, I'll give it a shot
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    There you go... The Helix doesn't appear to be the problem... HX Edit or Communications (USB port and cable) is.
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Just bought a Helix rack and floor controller to replace my Axe-FX. I found that there are a lot of tedious patch editing I need to do such as moving foot switches around or setting up scenes etc. I wanted to do this on my laptop while watching TV in another room away from where my Helix is connected to my iMac. I found a tool on-line that acts as a USB server on my iMac and allows me to run the Helix editor on my Windows laptop in another room acting as a USB client: https://www.virtualhere.com/ So far it works great across my home wifi network as long as the iMac does not go to sleep while editing. Hope you may find this useful.
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    Very cool ideas! Do you know how this would work with a DUOVERB HD & POD X3 PRO RACK UNIT?
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    Dear folks at Line 6, please update the Firehawk FX in 2019! suggestions: - improve switching, it’s lagging quite a bit sometimes... - add new effects and amps like you do with the Helix products; I’d like to see POG and HOG effects and some new boutique pedals and amps - improvements for the looper, increase of recording time would be nice to make it useful and also being able to eliminate a recording without starting playback for 2 seconds, this makes the looper useless in live situation. - overall bug fixes to add more stability to the system. I love this product and I know it can do so much more if Line 6 puts some effort in updates.... not everyone wants to buy a Helix..... i know im not alone here, just hope someone at Line 6 takes proper action! thank you for your time and I’ll be waiting for feedback!
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    Now that Line 6 is in new ownership, when can we expect ANY form of update in regards to the future of the line? Is there even a team, a person, that has responsibility for it's content? I've had mine 4 years and it feels as if they never cared for the amplifi ecosystem once it went out to stores. Please give me a reason to continue to support Line 6 products.
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    I debated whether to post this or not. Bottom line, I'd want to know. So here's a quote from Digital Igloo posted today at TGP. Finishing up Helix Core has been a slog. We have models for 2.80 finished (and more to come) but haven't even started on user-facing features, as we'd have to code everything twice (once for Helix Core SKUs, again for those that don't aren't yet fully Core). There'll probably be a preview at NAMM but it won't be ready until later. My personal pet feature made it in. Finally.
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    The "53 has a single tone control, not Bass, Mid and Treble. That's a pretty significant difference. Everybody doesn't get everything they want.
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    OP's desire for a model that you, personally, wouldn't use hurts you how? Prevents them from modeling yet another high gain amp that I, personally, don't need? The only Fender Bassman I know of that has a Master Volume is the 300. I'm pretty sure that's not the one L6 modeled, and it's not the '53 (Volume and Tone only). And while the '63 has two channels, there's no Master Volume. So which one did they model? My point here is that, if you look at Ideascale, just about every amp ever made has been requested, so why the animosity towards OP's request?
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    First off, you don't need a Fender Bassman model since there are already two Bassman models there. The Tweed Blues Norm and Tweed Blues Bright are Bassman models. Secondly, it doesn't do any good to post such things here as the only place that is refered to by Line 6 would be on their Ideascale site. Here's a list of what models are currently in the Helix and the amps they are based on. https://helixhelp.com/
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    Tubes choices to use for the DT Series,... DT-50 Series: 12AX7EH Electro-Harmonix approved for the DT50 pre-amps. EL34EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. DT-25 Series: 12AX7B China for pre-amps. EL84EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. Power amp tube choices are crucial, and must be properly biased by a tech or Line 6 authorized service center who knows the product. Don't do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great,... and it hurts when you get electric shock. Leave it to a tech trained who is for this. These valve amps are particular about tubes and tube brands. Do Not use substitutes, No Mesa, Groove Tube, Tung-Sol or JJ substitutes. No hot rodding of an already Bogner hot rod.
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    Hello to all, in advance I'm sorry for my bad English. However, I was able to install Gearbox as indicated above (thanks) but when the program gives me the following message "Ignoring connection to POD X3 - This device has an incompatible driver installed." So Gear box starts, you see the windows but not talks to the POD X3, I can not change anything I set ... Does anyone have any solution? Thank you! Gearbox: ver. 3.72 Drivers: ver. 7.6.7
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    hi I have installed but still says: these device has an incompatible driver installed. I've tried everything and dint work. What can i do? I have OS el capitan 10.11.5 and the last version of pod software,
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    Hello I just get my 500X today and save the original bundle ! So maybe some people need it ? Just follow this link & download https://app.box.com/s/w8nbve5p25mjw5mxwsbifk1ynexga0ck Greetings
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    it has nothing to do with any L6/Yamaha merger. here's a link to the windows download... worked for me... http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5251 you may have some sort of security software or pop up blocker stopping you.
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