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    The fact that Fractal, Kemper, and Helix (plus others) are out there competing for / trying to capture the market share is a good thing. That in itself means our options will only get better, and that's a very good thing for us, guitar players.
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    In many ways this whole discussion reminds me of the difference between listening to an .mp3 versus a .wav file. Lossy compressed file formats provide the potential to store much larger numbers of songs while offering a compromise in quality that most listeners find acceptable. The .mp3 uses a "lossy" algorithm that uses compression algorithms to determine where there is redundant data as well as which data can be dropped with minimal impact. This is roughly akin to the choices for IR length made by device manufacturers. Right now most IRs are in essence rendered/truncated by a lossy algorithm when loaded into a modeler. The extent of the data loss is determined to some extent by the max IR length. By contrast a .wav file is lossless and retains more audio data. The .wav file format still remains the gold standard in many respects. That gold standard also includes formats that can provide compression and max audio quality such as .ogg(can be lossless when compressed with FLAC) and Neil Young's efforts with FLAC files. The equivalent gold standard for an IR would be one that allowed longer IR lengths. That does not appear to be cost-effective at the moment as the resultant improvement in sound is simply not substantial enough for many users and device manufacturers. They would prefer those resources be used elsewhere where they perceive more bang for the buck. Manufacturers and consumers pick their compromises based on current hardware/cost constraints for storage space and processing resources. On a computer, if you are an audiophile, you can throw in a five terabyte hard drive to store .wav or .ogg files, as well as more RAM and a faster CPU but that is generally not an option on a modeling device. Modeling devices tend to have a fixed limit on storage and DSP. As others have pointed out qualitative differences for live applications are going to be more difficult to detect whereas studio applications can be more demanding and qualitative differences in sound may be more pronounced. Different users have different priorities based on their focus, ears, and how they will be using their gear. So, would I love to have a device that allowed 200ms+ IRs? Sure, why not. Not however at the cost of way fewer IRs, processing bottlenecks and glitches, and/or a potentially substantially higher price tag. Rock & roll and guitar sounds are a totally different animal from Hi-Fidelity. I am not looking for my guitar sound to mimic a $3000 stereo. Horrors! I am however definitely interested in an IR format that does a better job of capturing all the low-fi details, quirks, decay characteristics, woody greatness, etc. of a top notch guitar cabinet. If getting there requires that we allow a longer max IR length I say bring it on. I'm not gonna be sitting around wringing my hands until it comes but I see no point in discouraging it either. If, as it appears, there truly is significant data in the average IR beyond the approximately 40ms max length provided by Helix I will welcome a higher limit in the next Helix hardware generation. For now this thing still sounds great and has many strengths in other areas that competing devices lack.
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    Yes. There is nice online test if that difference is important for you.. http://abx.digitalfeed.net/?fbclid=IwAR29my8UYktEJtujTwCWQP-MrNmWQW4dzvnSXJPqZ0YUN2bU64bM2w_BIiM#numTrials/10/sample/2 You can also make a test of how you percieve IR lenght difference but Helix hardwere is useless for such a test because it uses only low lenght FIR filters. Happily you can always use Helix Native and some free IR loader. Rock & roll electric guitars are indeed different animals. 48kHz sampling rate and 32 bit floating point math is such a waste of that precious DSP power of two old 450Mhz Sharc procesors. 48/32 It is too Hi-Fi for the purpose. 32kHz, 16 bit would be just enough. ;)
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    Thanks! Her name is Remi, 10 months old and she's already 110lbs. She responds to James Brown and the Ohio Players. Luckily she has no interest in chewing my gear. :)
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    If i use a transistor tape delay block with no delay, do i obtain the sound of Xotic EP Booster? Transistor tape delay= Maestro® Echoplex EP-3 Xotic Ep booster= Maestro® Echoplex EP-3 with no delay. (only preamp) Transistor tape delay with no delay= Xotic Ep booster.
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    In the end I decided to sell it for a good price and get a new one. Crazy I know - but I rely on this thing for like 75 to 100 gigs a year and I just wanted to feel like things were in the best shape. I sold it to a local who was very happy to get it and to my knowledge - no issues for the 9 months i used after the event - or from the new owner. Best to all :-)
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    I got the +16dBu rating from some other gear that uses the same A/D converters that the Helix uses. In reality, the Guitar In is probably a little higher than that because Line 6 has some proprietary circuitry that increases the dynamic range of that input from 114dB to 123dB. The other inputs should be rated at +20dBu. I believe the main reason Line 6 doesn't publish this sort of data is simply because they believe (rightfully so, imo) that the vast majority of users 1) don't care and 2) don't really understand what it means. Also, it seems that the main use of such information is for people arguing about the superiority of one platform over another. They end up just being smokescreens.
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    And way back in the day, we listened to cassettes in our car which was acceptable at the time since we couldn't play records in a car. Noisy, compressed and they're making a come back!!! The worst way to listen to music in my opinion. So whatever works for ya.
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    Hi rzumwalt, Nixie is a program that lets you use your computer as an interface with BigSky, TimeLine or Mobius. It makes importing/exporting/copying/organizing presets a breeze, and you can manipulate the pedal in realtime with the on-screen controls. It is a Strymon program and can be downloaded free from their website: https://www.strymon.net/support/nixie/ In order to connect the pedal to your computer, you'l need a MIDI-to-USB cable. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/M-Audio-UNO/dp/B00007JRBM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=midisport+uno&qid=1558064973&s=gateway&sr=8-1
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    There are 4 snapshots per preset.
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    Hi, You obviously have checked the Helix Native Pilot’s Guide information on page 16, but “Using the Preset File Menu” on page 22 explains further the options of “Save to Disk” or “Save to Library”. In the pinned grey panel “Note”, it also specifically mentions that certain DAW’s may have their own method of handling presets for plugins, where they are redirected to a different area of the hard disk. I’m just guessing, but maybe this is what is happening to your presets. You didn’t mention what DAW or computer platform you are using - that may shed some light on the situation. This is also discussed in an older thread which may or may not help with your “frustration”. See the comment from “silverhead”. Hope this helps/makes sense
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    I'm old. I wear a watch. But I also have a cell phone. It's clock is always accurate. A clock on the Helix, even with a battery that recharged when the Helix was plugged in, would require periodic checking and resetting. AND.... I may have been cranky that day :-) BUT....If it's a choice between a clock and a spigot for the HX beer I'm for the spigot!
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    Hi, I realise that your question refers to the HX Stomp, but all I can say is I have been using two of these as external expression pedals with my Helix Floor unit since 2016 with no issues whatsoever. I have never had to modify the pedal apart from making sure that the polarity is switched in the set up options. Not having access to a Stomp box I cannot say if that will work for you, but check it out! These pedals may be cheap, but they do exactly the same job as the expensive pedals. Damn, I have just realised that I’m wearing my M-Audio T-Shirt tonight Check this thread.
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    The rear panel says that the 1/4"/TRS input is balanced, so you might need a balanced 1/4" cable, though it shouldn't matter for cable runs under 20'. Try it with an XLR if you don't have a balanced 1/4". If it's still noisy, your problem is elsewhere.
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    Helix gets better and better every update, but anyone can make anything sound bad if they don't take the "time" to learn how to use it.
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    The key thing is to keep most blocks at unity gain (bypass on/off doesn’t result in a big volume jump). This way you won’t get gain buildup in your signal chain that could result in digital clipping at the output, and you’ll be sending each block a signal that hopefully keeps it in its sweet spot, where it was designed to work best.
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    Hi Ian, Regarding having a “Noise Gate” at the very beginning of your chain, it is not necessary to use up one of you FX Blocks for this. The Helix has a “Noise Gate” built in to the Input stage. If you select the input, where you would set Multi/ Guitar/ Mic/ Variax or whatever, then along the bottom of the screen you can see there are the gate options. Adjust to suit. The only time I think you may need to use one of the blocks for gating is possibly if you are using the send and return to external processors that are introducing noise to the signal path, or special effects (stuttering). Hope this helps.
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    Technically all of the modern crop of FRFR powered speakers from Alto to QSC to Yamaha to EV all work fine for acoustic and electric, obviously because those are the same speakers used on PAs for the audience. I use a Yamaha DXR12 for both electric songs as well as acoustic (both hand-picking as well as strummed). I position it behind me on stage on a half height speaker pole in the backline. My acoustic also has a sound hole cover, but the sound on stage is magnificent. Obviously you have to manage your volume more than with electric to avoid feedback, but it works fine for me in my configuration. But that same signal is also going to the FOH so I only have to really fill the stage, not the audience. In a smaller room it would probably still be fine.
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Just bought a Helix rack and floor controller to replace my Axe-FX. I found that there are a lot of tedious patch editing I need to do such as moving foot switches around or setting up scenes etc. I wanted to do this on my laptop while watching TV in another room away from where my Helix is connected to my iMac. I found a tool on-line that acts as a USB server on my iMac and allows me to run the Helix editor on my Windows laptop in another room acting as a USB client: https://www.virtualhere.com/ So far it works great across my home wifi network as long as the iMac does not go to sleep while editing. Hope you may find this useful.
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    Hey Guys, Today I have a Line 6 Helix Tone inspired by the amazing UK band Architects. The song is an original I wrote while playing around with this tone. I used two Ownhammer Impulses OH 412 TRAD V70 121-00 and OH 412 TRAD V60 OH1F-05 Explanation video to follow in the next few days. Thanks so much for all the support, positive comments and input. You guys are awesome.
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    Prelude: My unit was still on firmware 2.65 when I started using 2 DVP4 Minis as expression pedals. I couldn't figure out why both pedals kept registering as EXP2. I spent last weekend soldering and resoldering my TRS>2XTS cable but nothing worked until I stumbled upon the FS4 trick. Like an idiot I went and update my firmware to 2.7 and then the FS4 trick didn't work. Happy ending: I recalled reading on gearpage that there was another fix. Credit to gearpage member Disaster Area who suggested the following: Go to Global settings and select Footswitches Set FS3 Function to TogglEXP Exit from Global settings (eg click View) Tap FS3 until the display shows "EXP1 Active!" Go back to Global settings and reset FS3 back to whatever you had before. Mine was TAP/TUNER Voila! Back in business! My cable was a self made one using and old audio stereo cable. I am waiting the arrival of my morningstar mc6 to setup my pedalboard.
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    Okay, so same problem, but I have a fix. L6 support was pretty useless as far as solutions on this one. I posted this in another thread of people have the IDENTICAL problem on Windows with Cubase. Reposting it here... I have the EXACT same problem running Presonus Studio One with Hellx Native on macOS! It will run perfectly across multiple launches for about a day (i.e. 24 hours), then it crashes the DAW. However, I DID run it up the flagpole with L6 support and their only suggestion was to completely reinstall the DAW... which made no sense, because all plugin versions (AU, VST) crashed every DAW and VST host I tried it with. But I happened upon a solution: after installation when you use the VST for the first time, it creates a set of folders in your user directory. There is a preferences file that you need to edit. On macOS, it's located here: ~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Helix Native/Helix Native.prefs In that file, there is a key called "Session Token" -- if you close the DAW, open that file, remove that key and value, and save the file... everything works again... for 24 hours. You'll have to authenticate and log in to Line6 every day.
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    Tubes choices to use for the DT Series,... DT-50 Series: 12AX7EH Electro-Harmonix approved for the DT50 pre-amps. EL34EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. DT-25 Series: 12AX7B China for pre-amps. EL84EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps. Power amp tube choices are crucial, and must be properly biased by a tech or Line 6 authorized service center who knows the product. Don't do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great,... and it hurts when you get electric shock. Leave it to a tech trained who is for this. These valve amps are particular about tubes and tube brands. Do Not use substitutes, No Mesa, Groove Tube, Tung-Sol or JJ substitutes. No hot rodding of an already Bogner hot rod.
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    When I first got Helix I decided I'd use it as a backup interface and keep my main interface, (A nice MOTU that I've used for years). After doing some experimentation, I sold the other one. Every vocal, every guitar, and some of the basses on this album were recorded through Helix. I printed some FX and put some on later. Some of the acoustic guitars were recorded direct with IR and some miked. https://peterhamm.bandcamp.com/album/protest-songs
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    hi I have installed but still says: these device has an incompatible driver installed. I've tried everything and dint work. What can i do? I have OS el capitan 10.11.5 and the last version of pod software,
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