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Catalyst CX Amplifier FAQ


What is Catalyst CX?

The CatalystT® CX family of combo amplifiers represents both a physical update to the original Catalyst family, as well as a firmware update.


What does the new Firmware offer?

·         Catalyst CX doubles the number of amp voicings to 12 (compared to the 6 in the original Catalyst) and includes many of our Original Amp Designs—ranging from pristine clean to modern high-gain—with all amp models derived from the Helix® family of amp and effect processors.

·         Catalyst CX allows for the use of simultaneous effects (Boost, Effect 1, Effect 2)

·         The effect selection process has been simplified, with the “audition” time for selecting effects extended.  

·         Added visual cues to identify when you enter/exit Effect selection mode, Preset Bank selection, and more.

·         Additional default deep-parameter settings optimize each amp voicing when in MANUAL mode.

·         Expanded functionality of the optional LFS2 footswitch (accessed through the free Catalyst Edit software).

·         Updates to Catalyst Edit software to capture the new firmware functionality.


What are the physical differences?

·         A new custom black & tan grille cloth provides a more traditional look.

·         Subtle two-tone piping (cream with an enclosed gold braid) outlines the grille cloth, adding to the “boutique” design style.

·         Updated silk art on the control panel is designed to enhance the user experience by calling out some of the key updates related to the 2.01 firmware.


What amps and effects are included?

The amps in Catalyst CX are split into 2 groups of 6: the 6 original Catalyst amps are in group 1, and 6 NEW amps are in group 2. You can switch between them by pressing the Ch A and Ch B buttons simultaneously:

Catalyst CX Amps.png

·         Boosts—Just like the original Catalyst, there is a customized boost to match each of the 12 amp voicings


·         All of the original 24 Effects from Catalyst are present, and now can be accessed any 2 at a time. (also all taken from the Helix family of products)


Catalyst CX FX.png


Catalyst CX FX2.png


* PLUS a Built-in adjustable Noise Gate


Can I edit them beyond just effect mix?

Yes, deep editing of effects is available in Catalyst Edit, available FREE on macOS, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


 Does it take pedals well?

Absolutely – external effects can be placed in front of the amp input, in the effects loop, or run an external modeler into the power amp in jack.


Are there presets like other Line 6 products?

Catalyst stores 6 banks of presets with 2 channels each, for a total of 12 presets.  Presets can also be edited/saved using Catalyst Edit software.


I have the original Catalyst amp. What about me?

All of the new firmware features (new amps, and more) are available to ALL original Catalyst amp owners as a free download (Firmware 2.01) HERE


Is there a Footswitch for Catalyst CX?

Yes, the Catalyst & Catalyst CX amps have a standard ¼” input for the optional LFS2 footswitch.

The 2-button LFS2 is a roadworthy metal latching footswitch that provides stock control of Channel and Effect on/off status, while both footswitches may be reassigned via the Catalyst Edit app to control a number of other functions, including Boost on/off, Reverb on/off, Tap Tempo and more. A ten-foot/3.3m right-angle/straight TRS cable is included.


When is Catalyst CX shipping?

March 2024, worldwide.


Where can I learn more?



-       Currently, there is an issue with disabling the Cab simulation on the direct output within Catalyst Edit. We encourage users to leave cab sim enabled on. The issue is being evaluated for update in a future release.



Bug Fix - (for Catalyst CX users only)

-       In Firmware 2.0 (the factory default firmware for Catalyst CX), If the CLEAN AMP in group 2 is selected, there is audible hum which is part of the model default. Updating to 2.01 firmware will eliminate the issue.


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