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Using the Looper with the FBV 3 Pedal


Firehawk 1500 includes a Looper, which is accessed using the Line 6 FBV3, allowing you to quickly record, playback and overdub loops. Use the Firehawk Remote app to assign the Looper to one of the FS1-FS5 FBV3 footswitches, change the Looper's position in the signal flow and edit the Looper Volume & EQ parameters as desired. Once assigned to a footswitch, you can access that single footswitch to trigger all the following functions:


To start recording: Press the dim white, Looper-assigned footswitch. The footswitch LED will flash red, indicating the Looper is recording.


To stop recording: Press the Looper switch again to end recording. The LED will flash green, indicating the Looper is playing back your loop.


To overdub on top of your recorded loop: Press the Looper switch again while the loop is playing. The LED will turn orange, indicating it’s in Overdub Mode.


To reverse playback of your loop: Press and hold the Looper switch for ~2 seconds while the loop is playing. Press and hold the Looper switch again to revert back to non-reverse playback.


To stop Looper playback: Double-tap the Looper footswitch. The LED stops flashing and turns bright white, indicating a loop is stored in memory. Press the Looper footswitch again to restart playback of the stored loop.


To delete the recorded loop and start from scratch: Stop the Looper and press and hold the footswitch for ~2 seconds. The LED returns to dim white, indicating there is no loop in memory.

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