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Powercab FAQ




So are these the Helix FRFR speakers we’ve been requesting for, like, years?

Nope—Powercab is waaay beyond your bog standard FRFR speaker. When paired with any modeler, it’s an active speaker system that can deliver a much more authentic “amp-in-the-room” playing experience. However, when set to Flat mode (and whether you load IRs into Powercab or your modeler), Powercab amplifies the sound of your presets as they are, similar to a traditional FRFR speaker system—but with the response and feel closer to that of an actual guitar amp.


Powercab works as both a backline amp and a wedge speaker, thanks to its integrated kickstands.


Oh, and it looks like a guitar amp instead of a PA speaker. So that’s cool.


What’s going on under the hood?

Powercab doesn’t utilize cab modeling; it has true speaker modeling. Speaker Modeling is Line 6’s proprietary method of duplicating the frequency and behavior of speaker drivers by themselves, independently of the cabinets in which they happen to be loaded. Imagine having an empty 1x12 speaker cabinet where you can swap out the Greenback for a Creamback or a Swamp Thang or an Alnico Blue—instantly—and you’re close.


I don’t own Helix. Will Powercab work with my Kemper, Atomic, or Fractal box?

Absolutely! And any other modeler as well, including POD HD500X. In fact, if your modeler has a 48kHz AES/EBU out (or S/PDIF out with RCA-to-XLR M adapter), with Powercab 112 Plus you can run everything digitally, with no additional D/A/D conversion or latency. And if your modeler sends MIDI messages, you can even sync Powercab 112 Plus’s presets and user IRs with your modeler or profiler’s presets.


Which six speakers are the models based on?

Celestion® Vintage 30

Celestion® Greenback 25

Celestion® G12M-65

Jensen® P12Q

Eminence® Swamp Thang Patriot Series

Celestion® “Blue Bell” Alnico


What’s the difference between Powercab 112 and Powercab 112 Plus?

Powercab 112 Plus adds the following:

2-inch, 128 x 32-pixel LCD display

128 user preset locations

128 user IR locations

MIDI In and Out for recalling presets, IRs, and most parameters (can also be recalled via USB)

AES/EBU | L6 LINKTM digital In and Out

Additional input for use as an FOH monitor (post-DSP)

Powercab Edit connectivity

USB audio interface for jamming along with or monitoring backing tracks from your Mac/PC/iOS* device

User-selectable mic modeling and distance on the XLR output (Powercab 112’s output uses an SM58 model only)

Powercab 112 Plus is about 2 lb (1 kg) heavier


*iOS interfacing requires the Apple Camera Connection Kit


How loud do they get?

250 watts total. That's 200 watts to the woofer and 50 watts to the compression driver.


Wait. 250 watts doesn’t sound like much. Aren’t there other speakers that are thousands of watts?

250 real watts, not marketing watts. The operative spec here is SPL (Sound Pressure Level). Powercab reaches 125dB SPL handily. You should have no problems playing next to the drummer.


What’s the reference speaker used?

Powercab features a custom designed 8Ω, 12" coaxial speaker that uses a guitar-style cone as opposed to a PA-style cone with a 2” high-temperature voice coil loosely based on the Eminence Beta 12CX format. The 1” compression driver is a Celestion CDX 1-1010, which is used only for Flat mode, monitor feeds, and user IR modes; it’s not utilized at all for speaker models.


How do I load IRs into Powercab 112 Plus?

From the free Powercab Edit software (Mac/PC) via USB.


So I can edit presets via Mac or PC?

Yes. Powercab Edit (Mac/PC, available this May from is used to manage, reorder, backup, import, and export your Powercab 112 Plus presets and IR files (2048-point, 48 kHz .WAV). This allows you to easily create an unlimited collection of presets and IRs stored on your computer, and transfer them as needed to Powercab 112 Plus.


Can I get a cover for Powercab?

Yes, Powercab covers will be available from select retailers and the Line 6 Store; expected US street price is $69.99.


Dimensions/weight? Am I gonna break my back?

Powercab 112—22.3”w x 18.2”h x 12”d (33.25 lbs), Powercab 112 Plus—22.3”w x 18.2”h x 12”d (35.5 lbs)


What’s the price?

Powercab 112—$599.99 US street, Powercab 112 Plus—$799.99 US street


When are they shipping?

May 2018.


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