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Spider V MkII FAQ


So what's new with the MkII?

In short, Spider V MkII is running the 2.00 firmware, which is also available to existing Spider V owners, but the new hardware has a few cosmetic upgrades.


When will they be available? Can I try it?

They are available from select retailers now! The firmware and software updates are also live now at www.Line6.com/software. And yes! You should absolutely try it!


What's different about the new firmware 2.00?

Firmware 2.00 introduces the new Classic speaker mode, which is different than using Spider V in Full Range mode with cabinet modeling active. This allows for a more transparent, organic and familiar combo amp sonic experience. Aside from that, we've brought in consultants with a LOT of amp expertise to help us dial in the models so that they not only sound true to the real thing, but also feel really great to play. All amp and effects model defaults have been revised. Out of the box, we've revised all the presets and included twice as many artist presets from some very prominent players.


So you just shut off the tweeter and bypassed the cabs?

No! That would not go far enough. Each model of Spider V has been finely tuned by our sound designers so that when you're playing through just the woofer, it sounds as great as that particular speaker can for it's enclosure, which is what you would expect from a combo amp. If you're skeptical, we urge you to give it a try because it can have a pretty dramatic difference!


Anything new on the software side?

Yes. Spider V Remote for Mac/PC has gotten some upgrades that now allow you to go to the cloud (customtone.com) from within the editor to search for presets, download them, tweak them to your liking, save them to your own collection (My Tones), and publish your own creations.


Can I update my Spider V to the 2.00 Firmware?

Yes. Simply connect it to a Mac or PC and use Line 6 Updater to apply the FREE update.


How do I get these new presets and artist presets?

Any preset you haven't overwritten will automatically update, but you can get the full bundle by performing a Factory Reset after you've installed 2.00 firmware.


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