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DL4 MKII MicroSD Card formatting instructions

  • Formatting instructions when inserting a MicroSD card into the DL4 MKII.


The microSD card must be either the SDHC or SDXC type, 4 GB or larger capacity, and
initially formatted by DL4 MkII before it is functional with the Looper.

Before using the MicroSD card for longer loops, it will first need to be formatted for the device. Once formatted,
your card must include no other existing files on it (other than DL4 MkII’s own Looper-
created data). The best idea is to just purchase or dedicate a microSD card exclusively
for DL4 MkII use (and, since the Looper will only ever utilize 4 GB, it’s not necessary
to use a large capacity card). The process for doing the initial format of your MicroSD
card is as follows:


WARNING: This process may erase any files you have stored on your MicroSD card.


1. Power on and turn your DL4 MkII’s Selector knob to LOOPER. Be
sure the Looper is stopped (not actively recording or playing a loop).

2. Press and hold the ALT/LEGACY button while inserting your MicroSD
card into the slot on the back of DL4 MkII.

3. Once the card is fully seated in the slot, release the ALT/LEGACY
button when you see its LED start flashing through different colors.
DO NOT power off or touch any controls on DL4 MkII while you see
the LED flashing, which lasts only a few seconds.

4. When the ALT/LEGACY button’s LED stops flashing, the formatting
process is complete. You can then use your microSD card with the
Classic Looper or 1 Switch Looper!




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