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If you are having trouble with your DL-4 MkII stompbox modeler, please try the following:


- Use a different guitar, cables, and amp to make sure they are individually working correctly.

- Remove all other pedals between your instrument and the amplifier.


Ensure that:

- The cables you are using to test work correctly by plugging directly from the instrument into the amplifier.

- All jacks and nuts on the pedal are tight.

- The unit is receiving sufficient power from the correct power supply (fresh batteries or a Line 6 DC-3g, DC-3h or DC-1g). Do not use old batteries to test pedals.


- Reset the pedal by pressing the A and 'Tap' footswitches while inserting the power connector and powering on. Continue to hold the switches for approximately 8 seconds, until you see the green LEDs light up.


- The last thing to try is to reinstall the firmware. Go to, choose "DL4 MkII" and "Firmware" from the menus, then follow the directions listed with the latest firmware entry.


If you are still having difficulty you will need to have the unit repaired at an Authorized Service Center. All Line 6 Pedals carry a 12 month parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase from an Authorized Retailer. Please take a copy of the dated proof of purchase to ensure the warranty is covered.


Product Repair


Line 6 Product Warranty


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