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FBV Mk II (Express and Shortboard) software update


This document explains how to update your FBV Mk II (Express or Shortboard) controller using Line 6 Monkey. You will need to connect your FBV Mk II controller using a USB cable to your computer, then run the Line 6 Monkey application. If your software is out of date (or you want to reflash for trouble shooting purposes), you will want to update using the following directions.
Line 6 Monkey Installation and F.A.Q. USB Connectivity with Line 6 Devices


1) If Monkey asks you to register your gear, you can select 'remind me later'.


2) Select the "flash memory" to highlight (in blue), then select "update selection".


3) Select "I Accept" for the software agreement and select 'continue'.


4) Decide if you want to restore the factory defaults, then select your choice (if you are reloading software for trouble shooting, select "yes").


5) Select "yes" to continue to the update.


6) wait for the flash memory to update and be installed, then select "OK".


7)Your unit should now be successfully updated.


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