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Driver uninstall instructions for Helix drivers on Windows 7, or 8.


Common issues that have been seen with Helix drivers 1.97 on Windows:

1. Driver signature issue that prevents Helix digital audio & ASIO from working on Windows 7, or 8.

2. Driver may cause the DAW Cakewalk to crash on Windows 10.

3. Variax guitar isn't being recognized by Workbench HD when connected via the Helix.


Helix drivers 1.97 are commonly installed with newer versions of HX Edit. This is selected to installed by default.



Try uninstalling the Helix driver 1.97 following these instructions with the Helix connected with USB:


Once the driver is uninstalled, install driver 1.96 with this link, then restart your machine:


You may also want to reset your global settings on the Helix, Helix LT:
Reset Globals: Hold footswitches 5 + 6 while powering on.





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