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External Dual Footswitch assignments HX Stomp/HX Stomp XL

  • Footswitch assignment and setup for dual momentary external switch on the HX Stomp/HX Stomp XL.


Here is a quick guide on assigning dual momentary footswitch options to your HX Stomp or HX Stomp XL using the external switch jack:

Global Settings > Preferences > Page 2 will show EXP FS Tip and EXP FS Ring. These setting should be assigned to FS4/FS7 and FS5/FS8 accordingly.

Next menu item over:

Global Settings > Footswitches > FS4(FS7) Function, FS5(FS8) Function assignment on page 2. These can be assigned to different functions such as Stomp buttons OR Preset up and down.

HX Stomp Controllers & Snapshots video



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