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Helix 2.80+ New Joystick feature

  • Joystick feature for the Helix that was included in firmware version 2.80 or above.


This is a joystick feature that allows the user to toggle different features when you press / hold / turn the joystick.

The Helix needs to be running firmware version 2.80 or above.

When the joystick is pressed, this starts a hidden timer for this feature to work properly. So when the joystick is still being held down, the timer is allowing the feature to become active.


Common issue:

Some users have mentioned that the joystick is slow to respond. If you continue to hold down the button, you are still activating the timer for this feature to be used.

For the best result with the joystick , we suggest pressing and then taking your hand off the joystick for a full press. The Joystick button should now respond better.


You can also change the feature option of the joystick encoder by going to Global Settings > Preferences > Joystick Encoder – this feature cannot be disabled. You can only change between Model/Selection.


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