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Helix XLR Inputs/Outputs and 48v Phantom Power



When the Helix XLR outputs are subjected to phantom power, the output level is decreased. Do not try and connect your Helix to a mixer, interface, or PA system that supplies phantom power (48v) to the Helix XLR outputs. The workaround is to use the 1/4" outputs instead. If your setup requires XLR usage and phantom power cannot be avoided, we've seen some customers have success with a phantom power suppressor.



When using the XLR input with a microphone, do not "hot swap" the cable.  Do not have the 48v phantom power engaged when plugging in an XLR cable.  It's best practice to plug in the cable with a mic attached to the other end, then go into Global Settings>Ins/Outs and turn on the Mic Phantom Power.  Make sure to disengage the 48v before unplugging the cable as well.

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