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Ugh, I don't wanna READ. Can't I just watch some videos?
Paul Hindmarsh's Intro Video (5:57):

Learning 80% of HX Effects in less time than it takes to listen to Never Gonna Give You Up (3:23):


FAQs are for unwashed plebeians; can I just have the full manual?
HX Effects Cheat Sheet (PDF): https://line6.com/da... - English .pdf
HX Effects Owner's Manual (PDF): https://line6.com/da... - English .pdf


Is there preset compatibility between Helix and HX Effects?
No preset compatibility between HX Effects and Helix Floor/Rack/LT/Native.


Is this the new M13 or M9?
Not really. HX Effects is much more powerful and flexible (and way deeper!) than M-Class processors.


So then it's an effects-only version of Helix?
Closer. HX Effects is designed for the guitarist and bassist who embraces traditional amp and pedalboard rigs.


What effects does it have?
HX Effects has all 117 effects models from Helix. In addition, we've included a Legacy library of 77 effects from M13, M9, M5, DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4. It does not have any amp or cab blocks; however, it can load impulse responses (IRs) for parallel stage+FOH routings and acoustic guitar body resonance.


Aww man, why couldn't you give us just one amp model block?
This box ain't for you, my friend. It's for your bandmates who love their real amps and pedals (like many of those who work at Line 6!).


Will HX Effects have the new reverbs (and Multi Pass delay) from the Helix 2.50 update?
Update it to 2.50 and it will. As 2.50 wasn't finished when the first run of HX Effects was manufactured, initial shipping units may still be at 2.40. Download the latest version of Line 6 Updater here: www.line6.com/downloads


How many effects can HX Effects run at once?
Up to nine, DSP permitting.


Can the effects be in any order?
Yes. There's a special Signal Flow menu for moving blocks around and routing them to parallel Path B, but for day-to-day operation, you just plug in and play.


Could I throw this in the loop of my Helix to add additional DSP horsepower?
I suppose you could, and with a single MIDI cable the presets would sync by default, but you probably won't need to, as the Legacy effects in Helix firmware 2.50 use notably less DSP.


Could I throw this in the loop of my Kemper, Fractal, or Atomic modeler to add a ton of new and classic Line 6 effects?
Hmmm, That's actually a pretty neat idea. Want a job?


Hold up. Six stomp switches, nine blocks. Why the disparity?
You can assign multiple blocks to the same switch and even toggle between them. Plus, you don't have to waste a footswitch on any wah, volume pedal, or FX Loop-as-4-Cable Method blocks.


So HX Effects supports 4-Cable Method?
There are two mono effects loops (or one stereo effects loop) for inserting your favorite pedals anywhere into HX Effects signal flow and/or connecting to your amp(s) via 4CM or 7CM. There are even templates to get you started.


How do I swap footswitch assignments?
Touch-hold two footswitches and press OK. Footswitch assignments can be made independent of effects order.


I see only three edit knobs.
Press for more parameters. Touch an effect switch for one second and parameters spill across the switches so you can see them all at once.


What about some of the cooler Helix features like snapshots, Pedal Edit mode, and assigning controllers in 3 seconds?


How many presets and snapshots are there?
HX Effects has 128 preset locations, each of which has four snapshots.


Does HX Effects have true bypass?
Yes. Press MODE and TAP to bypass HX Effects completely, either via analog relays or DSP with reverb and delay trails.


Does HX Effects have a looper?
Yes. The same looper from Helix can be added as one of the nine available effects.


Does HX Effects have amp control outputs?
Yes. Each of the two expression pedal inputs can be globally switched to act as a dual amp control output. So a total of four amp controls can be accommodated. Or two amp controls and one expression pedal. Or two expression pedals. Or neither, if you're into the whole brevity thing.


Can I use HX Effects to control other pedals?
Absolutely, as well as Mac/PC/iOS* software over USB. Stomp mode switches or connected expression pedals can send a variety of MIDI messages and selecting a preset or snapshot can send up to six buffered commands. Just like its bigger brothers, HX Effects wants to be the command center of your guitar or bass rig.
*iOS control requires the Apple Camera Connection Kit


Can I customize the scribble strip labels and LED colors?
I suppose since everyone else and their mom is doing it now , yeah.


Is there a Mac/PC editor?
The same HX Edit application works with Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, and HX Effects, but when HX Effects is connected, it appears as just a librarian and IR loader for now. Just update it to version 2.50. We expect to update HX Edit with full editing capabilities for HX Effects later this spring.


Does HX Effects have an audio interface?
No. It's designed for your pedalboard. It will send and receive MIDI data over USB, however.


Can I power HX Effects from my DC pedalboard supply?
Line 6 only officially supports operation with the included DC-3G. Using any power supply other than that supplied by Line 6 will void your warranty. Line 6 is not responsible for any damage incurred when using HX Effects with any third-party power supplies.


HX Effects requires 2A bare minimum of clean DC. It uses a 2.5mm pin where most others use a 2.1mm pin.


What's the meaning of life?
Be excellent to each other. San Dimas High School Football rules.


Dimensions/weight? Is it smaller than M9?
10.8"w x 7.9"d x 2.8"; 4.75lbs
HX Effects is about 1/4" wider than M9 and maybe an inch deeper. It's as small as we could possibly make it.


What's the price?
HX Effects sells for $599.99 US MAP.


When's it shipping?
HX Effects is in select North American dealers now; we expect it to appear in Europe and the rest of the world in mid-to-late February. If you snag one now, remember to update it to 2.50!
Line 6 is not responsible for any damage incurred when using HX Effects with any third-party power supplies.

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