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Importing IR (impulse response) out of memory condition error

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If loading a third-party IR (impulse response) into HX Edit or POD Go Edit results in an out of memory condition, it is likely the source file is too large or contains too many samples.


Open a DAW (digital audio workstation) e.g. Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Ableton, etc., or other capable audio recording/editing software, such as Audacity, and import the IR file into a new session/project.


Trim the IR so that it is no more than 2,048 samples in length. Most DAWs have a ruler that you can set to beats, minutes/seconds, or samples.  Set it to 'samples' in order to make the most accurate time selection. 




After the file has been trimmed,  you're ready to export/bounce the new IR file.  Use the item render/export in your DAW and follow these guidelines to ensure compatibility:


  • 24-bit / 48k
  • Mono (1 channel)
  • Must be WAV file format


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