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Impulse Response (IRs)


Impulse Responses (IRs)


What IRs does Helix support?


Helix supports nearly all IRs in .WAV format. However, the Helix Edit application may
automatically change its attributes before sending it to the Helix hardware:


• Converts all .WAV IRs to 16-bit, 48kHz mono; when loading a stereo file, Helix
Edit uses only the left side
• Shortens (or lengthens) the IR to 2,048 samples. The user may choose a
1,024-sample version to save DSP, which fades out the IR halfway through


Can I load IRs from Ownhammer or RedWirez?


Yes, as long as they're .WAV files.


How do I load user IRs?


1. Connect Helix to your computer via USB and open the Helix Edit


2. From the left side tool bar, click the IR Manager icon.


3. Drag one or more IR files from the desktop or any Finder window
directly into the IR Manager list.


4. Click the IR Manager's Save button.


Helix Edit sends the new IRs to the Helix hardware.


Remember: IR blocks reference an IR number, not the actual IR file. For example, if you happen
to replace or delete "IR 12" from Helix Edit, it will affect any presets containing IR
blocks with "IR 12" selected.


I e-mailed a preset to my friend, but it didn't include the IR. What gives?


Helix's IR blocks only point to a specific IR number (1-128); they don't include the IR
files themselves. Your band mate will need the same IR file assigned to the same IR
index number to perfectly recreate the preset.

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