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The Helix Looper


The Looper


How do I find the Looper?
Most factory presets already have a Looper block, ready to go. If your preset
doesn't, or you cleared all the blocks, Looper blocks can be selected from the very
bottom of the Model List, below the Send/Return category.


How much looping time do I get?
For mono looping, Helix gives you up to 120 seconds 1/2-speed or 60 seconds full
speed. There’s also a new stereo looper, which gives you 60 seconds 1/2-speed or
30 seconds full speed.


Why does the Looper stop when I switch presets?
Helix's looper can maintain playback and recording across presets as long as the
target preset:
Has the same type of looper block (mono or stereo)
Has the looper block on the same path (1 or 2)
Has the looper block assigned to a footswitch
Otherwise, loop recording/playback will stop.


Basic Looper Usage


Helix can add one mono or stereo Looper block per preset.
The Looper can exist anywhere on either Path 1 or Path 2. See Looper Footswitch
Mode for information on using the Looper.

Using a Dual signal path:

Keep in mind that the looper is only available for one signal path at a time. So if you're using a second signal path, you will noticed a significant drop in volume, since the looper is only on one path.


Looper Settings
Knob Parameter Description


1 Playback: Adjusts looper playback level. You may find it useful to turn this
down a bit so your live guitar can be slightly louder.
2 Overdub:Sets the level of your loop while overdubbing. For example, if
your Overdub Level is set to 90%, each time your loop repeats,
its volume will be reduced by 10%, sounding quieter and quieter
with each overdub pass.
3 Low Cut and Low Cut: Filters a portion of the loop's bass and/or treble frequencies, which can improve the mix with your live guitar.


For more information check out the manual here.

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