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JM-4 Features:


Backing Tracks: 71 Song Loops and 81 Drum Loops (arranged by Tempo) for a total of 152 pre-recorded backing tracks.


Recording Time: of up to 33 minutes.


36 User-Programmable Preset Locations: (Banks 01-09, A-D). The Artist/Song Presets locations CANNOT be overwritten, but are modifiable and storeable to any of the 36 User-Preset Locations.


Inputs: 1/4" Instrument (guitar, bass), XLR mic (no Phantom Power), CD/mp3 player (1/8" stereo input), 1/4" Auxiliary.


Outputs: Unbalanced dual-mono audio signal appearing in both left and right outputs on amplifier and headphone jacks.


Product Dimensions: 12.5" (L) x 7.5" (W) x 3.25" (D)


Weight: 4.1 lbs.


Power Adapter: included Line 6 PX-2 only (Specs: 9V AC, 2000mA, 2.5mm diameter). No battery power option available.


SD Memory Card: FAT 16, 16-bit Mono/44.1K .wav file (ONLY) import capability, 2 GB maximum capacity; SD Card NOT INCLUDED. Card function is for transferring of properly formatted .wav files from computer to JM-4; will NOT record to SD Card directly whatsoever.


Note: Only SD Cards function properly; there is no support for usage of mini-flash cards with an SD Card adapter. For reference on functionality of SD card related tasks, please refer to the JM-4 Advanced User's Guide, found on the Manuals page.




Q: How do I record from both the Guitar and Mic inputs at the same time on the JM-4 Looper?

A: You can only record from either the Guitar input or the Mic/Aux input using the Record Select button on the left side of the pedal, but not both at the same time. The AUX input can be routed to be recorded in conjunction with either the Guitar input for guitar amp and effect processing, or the Mic input with the vocal processing effects by holding down the Record Select button, then selecting your routing option from the screen.


Known Issues


-Quick Capture = Hold the UNDO switch and then hold down REC switch (not REC + UNDO as it is silkscreened on the unit). In other words, first step on UNDO switch and keep it held down while also stepping on REC switch.


-The "Clip" LED lights up upon powering up the JM-4. This is normal power-up behavior.


-Some of the Artist/Song Presets from the original Spider III release were not included in the JM-4 release due to space restrictions.


-The Guitar Tone Presets (70's sounds by Song Title) are simply guitar tones. They are not backing tracks. The backing tracks on the JM-4 are original compositions written and recorded by studio musicians specifically for Line 6 Spider Jam and JM-4 products.


Registration & Warranty


Q: How do I register my JM-4?

A: You can register any Line 6 product to your account here: Registration.


Q: What is the warranty on the JM-4?

A: Twelve months from the date of purchase. Authorized Line 6 Service Centers will need you to provide a copy of the purchase receipt to validate date for warranty processing. Please be sure to have those materials ready, should you need to get your unit serviced under warranty.


Troubleshooting & Service


Q: How do I troubleshoot my Line 6 Pedal?

A: Please refer to the Line 6 Pedal Troubleshooting FAQ


Q: How do I perform a Factory Reset on the JM-4?

A: Power on the unit while holding the Settings/Tone button down for 5-8 seconds.


Q: I'm hearing this background noise present when using the JM-4, what should I check?

A: Check to make sure the Mic Trim knob is turned OFF when not using the microphone input.


Q: I am noticing clipping and or popping sounds on my backing tracks?

A: Some backing tracks are louder than others and may clip. If you notice clipping occuring you can lower the song/drums playback level until the clipping is no longer heard.


Replacement Parts & Manuals


Some replacement parts are available from the Line 6 Store. If you are looking for the manual, please go to the Manuals section.


jm4 presets.pdf


jm4 presets.xls


jm4 user banks.xls


spiderjam loops and presets-1.pdf

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