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Apply to be a Line 6 Public Beta Tester!


Line 6 is happy to announce that we are now making beta testing for our products available to the public! Now the general public can access our Beta Teams page, create a profile, and be considered to be selected for a beta team. 


To sign up, go to your account page at Under the "Info and Preferences" menu, click on the Beta Teams link, and fill out the profile. NOTE: Creating a beta profile does not mean you have been accepted into a beta team. It means you are now entered into the pool of users that are ELIGIBLE TO BE CHOSEN FOR A BETA TEAM.


IMPORTANT: IF you are chosen for a beta team, you will receive a follow up email sometime in the future that will instruct you to review and agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement and beta testing agreements. If you accept, this means you cannot discuss the beta anywhere outside of the beta portal. If you do, you will be immediately removed from the beta test program and you will not be allowed to participate in any betas going forward.


 The Process:


1. Go to and log into your account.


2. Access the Beta Teams page on the left side or from the account drop down menu seen below.

 Beta teams.png


3. Click "Create Beta Profile".

 Beta Profile.png


4. Complete the form and click "Save" at the bottom of it.


5. You will see "Success" at the top of the page.

 Beta Success.png







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