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Cubase LE License Activation


Step 1: Register your qualifying Line 6 product at After you register your qualifying product, you'll see a message like this:


Thanks for registering your Line 6 Product!
The product you registered is eligible for Cubase LE. Your Cubase LE download access code is: 11BE6-PK03M-8B53R-1XX7D-XXXXX.
In order to obtain your software download, please click the MySteinberg link below and follow the onscreen instructions.


The download access code is only valid once but you can always find it in your Line 6 account's Purchase History.






Step 2: Follow the Steinberg link. You'll be prompted to login or create a new account.

o If you create a new account, Steinberg will send you an account activation email.


Step 3: Register the code. Copy it from your Line 6 account's Purchase History, if needed.

o The code registration page can also be reached from the 'My Products' section of your Steinberg account.


Step 4: Download the software from the next screen which shows a new code titled 'Activation Code for Cubase LE Student Starter Pack', along with download links for Windows and Mac. With Cubase LE 8 registered in your MySteinberg account, you can find all necessary files for a complete installation under "My products" -> "Downloads".

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