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Line 6 Community Members, Experts, and Technical Support Staff

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While browsing through our knowledge base articles and various posts and threads you may notice that some people have certain tags or stars under their user names. Below is a definition of what these name tags mean. This information can help you resolve a problem you may have with your Line 6 gear, help you to make important buying decisions, and even gather valuable usage knowledge and tone creation tips.


Community Forum Members


Every community member with a valid Line 6 username has the ability to post and respond to various threads and questions within the Line 6 community. As an original poster to a thread marked as a question, you have the ability to award points to other members who have responded to your question. You can award 5 points for a correct answer and 3 points for helpful answers. Please make sure to award these points to helpful community members. Community members who have several stars under their usernames have accumulated points that were awarded by their fellow members. The more points, the more stars - and the more helpful that person has been in the community.


Line 6 Experts


The Line 6 Experts are members of the Line 6 community who have proven over time to be very knowledgeable and helpful. They have demonstrated superior skills and knowledge in diagnosing problems that other community members are having with their Line 6 gear and in recommending solutions. In light of their continued help and participation, Line 6 has officially recognized them as Expert users and moderators. Our Expert users are not paid employees or contractors. However, many of them are beta testers and do receive some benefits from Line 6, i.e. free Line 6 gear or special pricing on Line 6 gear. They help others voluntarily, on their own time and of their own good will. If an Expert responds to your question, it's a good idea to listen, as their advice is based on solid experience with the products. Generally, one or more of the Line 6 Experts will be willing and able to help with forum inquiries.


Line 6 Support
Line 6.png


Members that have the actual Line 6 logo under their usernames are Line 6 employees, mostly technical support representatives. You'll also notice that most people who have this tag also have a username that follows a certain format, for example: "Line6Don" or "Line6David". If you have serious technical support issues that other community members have not been able to help you resolve, you can ask the Line 6 tech support staff a direct question via a support ticket. To create a support ticket, please go to http://Line6.com/support. To see your ticket, click My Account, then click Support Tickets.


You can also give our US Support team a call directly. Click on the following link for contact details: Contact Us


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