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Login Troubleshooting for Line 6 Website and Support Forums

  • https://line6.com/media/ips/uploads/

If you are experiencing problems in trying to log into your account on the Line 6 website and/or support forums, here are a few tips to try to help you get logged in:

  • Clear the cookies, temporary internet files, and cache within your internet browser.
    • This can typically be done within the Preferences or Options of the internet browser you are using.
    • ***NOTE: Clearing these items may result in losing your browsing history, saved passwords, and other offline files that have been cached for navigating websites.

    [*]Try a different internet browser.

    • There are several internet browsers that are available for free to browse the internet with such as: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

    [*]Disable any anti-virus, pop-up blockers, anti-spyware, or download accelerators.

    [*]If none of the tips above help, please contact your internet service provider to check for any problems with your internet connection.

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