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Obtaining a Repair RMA from Line 6


Do I need a RMA number (Return Material Authorization)?
Yes. Line 6 requires that all end users, dealers and service centers have a valid RMA attached to all products shipped to the Line 6 Service Department. We are not responsible for units sent in without an RMA number. More than likely, units will be returned to sender if sent without an RMA.


How do I contact the factory?
You can call us at 818-575-3600 (option 2 for Customer Service) to request an RMA. We are open for calls 8am - 11am and 1pm - 3pm Pacific time, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. You may also contact us with a Support Ticket. You must be signed in and have your unit registered to your Line 6 account before contacting us.


What information will I have to provide when contacting Line 6 for an RMA?

  • You will need to have the unit registered to your Line 6 account. Don't have an account? Create one here.
  • You will need to ensure your full name, shipping address, email address and phone number are updated on your Line 6 account.
  • You will need to be ready to provide a detailed explanation of the unit's failure or defect.
  • You will need to be ready to provide Line 6 with a copy of your purchase receipt.


What information do I include?
After you are issued your RMA number by an authorized Line 6 service representative, we require that you include the RMA number on the outside of the shipping box. We also require that you include all components that came with your unit in the box. Do not leave anything out.


What is the shipping address for repairs?
26580 Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302


How do I ship my unit to Line 6?
Package the unit in a box with adequate packing material to insulate it from possible freight damage. You can use services such as FedEx, UPS or USPS to send in your gear. We suggest you use a method of shipping that is traceable in transit to ensure you have visibility of your package. Line 6 is NOT RESPONSIBLE for freight damage due to insufficient packaging. End users are 100% responsible for protecting their gear in transit.


Who pays for the freight?
Non-warranty: The purchaser/user assumes responsibility for freight to and from the factory.
Warranty: The purchaser/user assumes responsibility for freight to the factory. Line 6 will cover the return freight.


How do I get an estimate on the repair cost?
Estimates cannot be given until we have the unit in hand. For non-warranty work, you will need to provide a credit card and contact information for an estimate to be sent to you once we have the unit.


Who do I call to check the status of a repair?
See the contact information above to reach Customer Service, and always have your RMA number ready.


How long will it take to complete the repair?
Repair time varies, but we strive to provide a three-week turnaround (not including shipping time). If we determine that your unit needs to be replaced, the turnaround time should be a bit shorter.


How will I get my unit back?
Line 6 uses UPS ground for U.S. return requests. The shipping time is 5-7 days (not including processing time).


What if I don't live in the U.S.?
Product warranty is only good in the country/region of purchase. So if you bought your unit in France, the warranty is only valid in France.


If you bought your unit in a country other than the U.S. and wish to get the unit repaired in the U.S., you will have to pay for the repair at an authorized Line 6 Service Center.


If you are looking to repair your unit in the country of purchase (non U.S.), please refer to our Distributor and/or Service Center Finder for assistance in your area.

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