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macOS12 Monterey/macOS13 Ventura/Silicon M1/M2 chip compatibility



Apple has pivoted away from using Intel-based CPUs with its computers, instead favoring the Apple Silicon processor, also known as the M1/M2 Chip. Later Intel and and all Apple Silicon systems run on macOS 12.0 Monterey and macOS 13.0 Ventura.


As it stands, some Line 6 products are not fully supported on computers using Apple Silicon processors, so we cannot offer technical support for those products installed on M1/M2 systems at this time.


We encourage you to please check with the manufacturers' websites of your music system’s hardware and software for M1/M2 compatibility.


Workaround on M1/M2 Systems

NOTE: Any workarounds offered are not official solutions. Issues experienced with workarounds offered cannot be addressed until official support is offered.


Starting with Big Sur macOS 11, Apple introduced Rosetta v2, which allows applications to run in an emulated mode. Rosetta runs automatically with our software that is NOT a plugin. To use Rosetta with our plugins, locate your DAW in the Applications folder. Use command ⌘+I and check the “Open in Rosetta” box. You may have to rescan your plugins afterwards.


Software status on M1/M2 systems running macOS 12 Monterey and macOS 13 Ventura


  • Metallurgy Collection: working as expected
  • Helix Native: working as expected
  • Echo Farm 3.0: requires Rosetta workaround
  • Amp Farm 4.0: requires Rosetta workaround
  • POD Farm 2 (Plugin): requires Rosetta workaround
  • POD Farm 2 (Standalone): working as expected
  • POD Farm 2 (Elements): working as expected
  • HX Edit: working as expected
  • POD Go Edit: working as expected
  • Powercab Edit: working as expected 
  • POD HD Edit: working as expected
  • POD HD500 Edit: working as expected
  • POD HD500X Edit: working as expected
  • POD HD Pro X Edit: working as expected
  • Spider Valve Mk II Edit:  working as expected
  • Spider V Remote:  working as expected
  • Spider IV Remote:  working as expected
  • Workbench HD: working as expected  
  • Line 6 FBV Control: working as expected 
  • Line 6 Updater: working as expected
  • Line 6 License Manager: working as expected
  • Helix Hardware Driver:  working as expected
  • POD Go Hardware Driver: working as expected
  • Audio-MIDI Driver 1.0.0 (TonePort/POD Studio/GuitarPort): working as expected


Software that will not be updated to support Silicon-based systems:  

  • StageScape: Audio Driver
  • POD X3: Audio Drivers, Editors, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager
  • POD XT: Audio Drivers, Editors, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager
  • TonePort UX8: Audio Drivers, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager
  • TonePort/POD Studio KB37: Audio Drivers, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager
  • POD HD 300/400: Audio Drivers, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager
  • Line 6 Monkey



Line 6 Hardware status on M1/M2 systems running macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura:

The following hardware products are being tested for general compatibility with macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura running on M1/M2 CPU systems when using the latest available Line 6 driver or the macOS 12 or 13 class-compliant driver, as applicable. 


AMPLIFi 30/75/150working as expected
AMPLIFi FX100working as expected
AMPLIFi TTworking as expected
Firehawk FXworking as expected

Firehawk 1500working as expected
Helix Floorworking as expected
Helix LTworking as expected

Helix Rack/Controlworking as expected
HX Effectsworking as expected
HX Stompworking as expected
HX Stomp XLworking as expected
POD Goworking as expected
POD Go Wirelessworking as expected
PowerCab 112 Plusworking as expected

PowerCab 212 Plusworking as expected

Catalyst Ampsworking as expected

DL4 MkIIworking as expected

Relay G10working as expected
Relay G10Sworking as expected
Relay G10Tworking as expected

Relay G10TIIworking as expected
Relay G70working as expected
Relay G75working as expected
Relay TB516Gworking as expected
Spider V 20/30/60/120/240/240 HCworking as expected

POD HDworking as expected
POD HD 500working as expected
POD HD 500Xworking as expected

POD HD Proworking as expected
POD HD Pro Xworking as expected

Sonic Port VXworking as expected

Variax: working as expected

Variax USB Interface: working as expected
Mobile Keys 25/49working as expected

TonePort DI/GX/UX1/UX2/working as expected

POD Studio GX/UX1/UX2working as expected



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