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The table below covers supported Windows setups. Any other setups are not supported by us.





Windows 7

Intel/AMD x64


Windows 10

Intel/AMD x64


Windows 11

Intel/AMD x64




We're glad to say that all recent Line 6 software and Line 6 hardware drivers work with Windows 11: Helix family, HX family, AMPLIFi, Firehawk, Spider and Relay products.

Plugins that have been covered are Helix Native, Amp Farm, Echo Farm 3 and Pod Farm 2 against the DAWs Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, Studio One and Reaper. 


The only outlier is regarding Variax not connecting in Workbench via the Variax USB interface. We will continue to test and report any update here.



Applications and plugins tested (latest versions) on PCs running Windows 11:

  • Helix Native: working as expected on DAWs
  • Echo Farm 3.0: working as expected on DAWs 
  • Amp Farm 4.0: working as expected on DAWs 
  • POD Farm 2 (Plugin): working as expected on DAWs
  • POD Farm 2 (Standalone): working as expected
  • Ampeg SVT Suite: working as expected on DAWs 
  • HX Edit: working as expected 
  • POD Go Edit: working as expected 
  • Powercab Edit: working as expected
  • POD HD500 Edit: working as expected
  • POD HD500X Edit: working as expected
  • POD Pro X Edit: working as expected
  • Spider Valve Mk II Edit: working as expected 
  • Spider V Remote: working as expected 
  • Spider IV Remote: working as expected 
  • Workbench HD: working as expected  
  • Line 6 FBV Control: working as expected  
  • Line 6 Updater: working as expected
  • Line 6 License Manager: working as expected



  • The latest Hardware Audio Drivers for the following products work on Windows 11:
    • Catalyst
    • Helix
    • Helix LT
    • Helix Rack
    • HX Stomp
    • HX Stomp XL
    • PowerCab family of products
    • POD Go
    • POD Go Wireless
    • POD HD
    • POD HD Pro
    • POD HD Pro X
    • POD HD500
    • POD HD500X
    • POD HD300
    • POD HD400
    • Spider V family of products
    • FBV3
    • Firehawk 1500/FX
    • Relay family of products
    • AMPLIFi family of products
    • Mobile Keys
    • Sonic Port VX
    • POD Studio/Toneport
    • StageScape M20d
    • POD X3 family of products
    • PODxt family of products
    • Guitarport

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