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Unsupported Internet Connections: Satellite, Dial-up and Tethered Phones


Satellite Internet Connection Problems

Line 6 does not support the use of Satellite internet services, as the two-way connection necessary is not always consistent. If you are using Direcway or Hughes as your internet service provider, the issue is a proxy that functions basically as a download accelerator. This proxy will not work with our server and will cause you to see 'This Page Does Not Exist' or will prevent Line 6 Monkey and GuitarPort from connecting properly to our server.

Some users have had success with this work-around which has been reported by one of our users "circus6string." Please be aware, that since Line 6 has not been able to officially test this workaround, we cannot officially support it. Please proceed at your own volition.


"For those that don't know, this solution and other helpful info comes from This work around depends on which modem you have. I have the DW7000 modem so the directions below are for that modem.

Most of us should be able to navigate to the modem setup pages

this is where you can check your signal strength, FAP status, etc. Many might not know about the advanced features you can access.

1. navigate to the advanced page

2. click on "Turbopage" in the advanced menu

3. click on "Advanced Cfg" in the Turbopage menu

4. this brings up the page that will allow you to change the turbo page server.

on this page please enter the following:

IP address=

Port Number= 86

select the radio button that reads "Use TurboPage Server configured below "

5. then hit the button "Teardown Turbopage Connection"

At this point a download dialogue should pop up. Just let it go and you should be all set. For those who don't usually tweak stuff like this, please don't worry. All this does is keep your modem from connecting to the web acceleration server at Hughes. On your main router status page you will see something that usually looks like this:

Web Acceleration Status Operational; Upstream Addr:

All this does is disable the connection to the upstream web acceleration server. This is what has been keeping you from the Line6 downloads. I am a Mac user so some of this might look and feel a bit different on windows using Internet Explorer. The process is the same and for those of you who worry, when you are done accessing Line6 downloads, just reboot (power cycle) the DW7000 and everything will be back to normal. there is a "restart DW7000" link on the main modem status page or you can just unplug and re plug.

If anyone has any questions I would be glad to help. This has been an issue of mine for years and I hope others will benefit from this work around."

Dial Up Internet Connection Problems

Line 6 does not support the use of dial up connectivity due to slow speeds and inconsistent nature of the connection. If you are using dial up internet access, please do your updates on a high speed connection.

Tethered Internet Via Cell Phone Unsupported

If you're using a tethered internet connection via your cellphone connection to access online content, please note that this form of internet connection is unsupported with our software programs. We've found instances where users were trying to access GuitarPort Online content with a tethered smartphone connection that experienced incomplete content transfers. Also, attempting to update firmware or flash memory on a Line 6 USB device via Monkey through a tethered cellphone connection is NOT supported as well.


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