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Clang/Plink Tone on Variax Guitars


Clang tone, a.k.a. plink tone, a subtle ringing pitched sound caused by the longitudinal wave travelling along the string, is a phenomenon inherent to all vibrating tensioned strings. Piezos and microphones can pick up clang tone, but magnetic pickups will not. Variables that may exacerbate clang tone include:


· Piezo saddles that are not properly seated
· Playing techniques
· High-gain amps or high-gain amp model usage
· The strings themselves
· The individual composition of the guitar
· The setup of the guitar


or any combination of these contributors. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all way to address the clang tone phenomenon. With Variax being a piezo-based guitar, we've built filters into the firmware to address clang tone. We have recently reviewed these filters and have come to the conclusion that they are already optimized, and further adjustments to the filters would not be beneficial.


Each case of clang tone is unique, so we cannot guarantee that any or all of the actions below, when performed by Line 6-authorized service technicians or a luthier, will result in addressing clang tone:


· Running the latest firmware (v2.22 or newer)
· Replacing strings
· Using at least a .010 gauge string set.
· Cleaning out the cutout in the saddle where the piezo element sits (use pot/fader cleaner, not WD40)
· Replacing piezos (available at, part number 11-00-0010)


If none of these actions resolve the issue, please contact Line 6 support at, detailing your actions taken, if any.

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